Worried about the side touches on the Mate 30? No problem!

by Kelvin
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The new Huawei Mate 30 Pro has a curved screen that is truly impressive. In fact, Huawei has managed to develop a panel that folds a little that looks like we are already holding the frame of the smartphone. The point is, we are not. In fact, this was spoken by Richard Yu at the Huawei presentation. The waterfall screen curves at an angle of 88ΒΊ. Much more than Samsung and Apple. Can this give rise to problems due to side touches?

Worried about the side touches on the Mate 30? No problem!

side touches

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However this has worried some users. If on the side instead of chassis we have a screen, we may accidentally perform some functions just because we are holding the smartphone. In the case of the Mate 30, the volume controls are integrated on the side.

However, a Huawei official approached this issue, resting consumers. According to him, the curved parts of the screen of Huawei Mate 30 Pro cannot affect the content that is on the main screen.

According to Bruce Lee, Huawei has divided the main screen of the new bet into three areas. So we have the flat screen in the middle and the flexing area on both sides of the device. Touching the flexed areas on both sides will not affect the flat main screen. The only thing that can really affect is the volume controls. However, this is the same thing as accidentally pressing the integrated volume buttons on the chassis.

Worried about the side touches on the Mate 30? No problem! 2

This effectively means that the curved screen will never hinder use with accidental touches. In fact, it is good to see that there was concern and anticipation from Huawei for these issues.

The other concern that plagues users beyond side touches is the absence of Google services.

The US-China trade war has hurt the newly launched Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro. Since US companies cannot sell goods or services to Huawei, Google is not allowed to provide what it is. an essential part of the experience with the Android operating system. I am talking about Google Play Services.

Google Play Services are an essential part of any Android device. In practice it is a gateway to various features. Play Services is more than just a way for Google to preinstall its own apps. It is the channel for notifications, maps and security. As we always have this guaranteed, we don't even think it can be missed. That is, we have a smartphone without the Play Store, without Gmail, without Maps, without Photos, among others.

Now, of course, there are methods to remedy this.

The main one is the application sideload. Anyone who has used a custom ROM knows how to load and update applications from Google. On an old Huawei and several years ago, it was my custom to install custom roms and then I had to install GAPPS (Google apps) separately. However, the problem with this is that it always requires some work on the part of the user. Most people don't know how to do it.

There are no Google apps, and as such, without Play Store, we can only browse the Internet through the Huawei browser and download the apps from this app store, AppGallery. At this moment, this store has about 45 thousand applications. It is undoubtedly a good number. However, the Google store has 2.7 million applications. In other words, it is still hard to compete right now.

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