Worth listening to: Avaya's $ 250,000 Twitter discount

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Worth listening to: Avaya's $ 250,000 Twitter discount 1

Avaya can hear you. Perhaps you've praised the online communications giant or taken its name to no avail. What you said is on the corporate radar.

At a time when companies used social media to promote content and start discussions, Avaya discovered this Hear triumphs speak.

"We listen to and respond to social media," said Paul Dunay, director of social media for Avaya, general manager of global social media marketing and services.

""There is no tweet that does not differ. There are no forum posts that do not differ from where our name is mentioned, ""

What started as an opportunity for customer loyalty and support has even grown beyond Avaya's expectations. And if Avaya has ever doubted your investment in social media, those concerns no longer exist.

New one Selling a quarter of a million dollarsWho started on Twitter answered this question


Social networks used::

  • Facebook – 42 groups + 5 new fan sites
  • Blogs: 1 external Avaya blog; 14 internal Avaya blogs
  • Wikis – 15 apprentices
  • Twitter – 10 global accounts
  • LinkedIn – 12 groups
  • Yammer – ~ 3,000 employees
  • Socialcast – recently released


  • 50 virtual team members voluntarily monitor 1,000 to 2,500 Avaya mentioned online each week.
  • A simple Twitter The post office took 13 Days later for a sale of $ 250,000.
  • Avaya proactively addresses many support issues before the customer registers a formal support request.

Make the case

Avaya was founded in 2000 as a spin-off from Lucent Technologies, but its legacy dates back more than a century to the original Bell system. From the earliest telephone systems to advanced and unified communications, Avaya and its predecessors have been and continue to be leaders in this field.

So it makes sense that Avaya is everywhere where people communicate today. The company in the corporate social network. started informally and grew organicallyFirst, the primary concern was to support and maintain existing customers, many of whom need to be replaced when old phone systems are retired.

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At that time, Dunay followed the mention of Avaya TwitterThese were mainly questions he sent in support of the representatives.

"The old 1.0 Form was a call center or ticket entry on the Internet," said 2.0 is that we will try to contact Avaya technical support, who I am by the way. Twitter, ""

With the growth of social media, these mentions soon became too much for Dunay to see alone. He took his case to Avaya CMO and went to construction with official support. a multidisciplinary, global and virtual team of social networks.

"It was very easy for me to develop my business case based on customer loyalty because it is very expensive to gain new customers," he said.

Take away food Avaya

one] Be where your customers are.

"92% of buyers of B2B technology feel involved in some form of social media," Dunay said.

two] Engage the first adoption staff.

Find and retain enthusiastic and experienced employees through social media.

3] Do not automate responses.

Personal interaction is not personal if it is automated. Social media participants expect correct people and correct answers.

4] Listen more than you speak.

Listen first, then join the conversation. Consider relevant reviews or find technologies you can.

5] Don't just keep track of your company name.

Find conversations on related topics and contribute if you can add value.

Customer Conversations "Everywhere"

Word of mouth, Dunay found the first users of social networks within 15,000 Avaya employees starting with seven in communications, marketing, support, legal and other business areas. When the team began to organize Avaya's social media strategy, they decided to focus on four main tools: Facebook, Blogs, forums and Twitter.

From there, Avaya's social media was "literally a blast," according to Dunay. The team of seven employees has now grown to 50 employees. voluntarily join social media In addition to his usual work.

Today, the company has 42 Facebook Groups, five Facebook Fansites, an external blog with 10 regular Avaya writers, 10 worldwide Twitter Accounts and 12 LinkedIn Groups. Internally, Avaya uses social media in the same way: 14 internal blogs, 15 Wikier, round 3,000 employees in Yammer and some in the recently launched social broadcast.

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Facebook acts as the center, with events, news, debates and links to blog posts. the Blogs discuss trends, innovations and cultural perceptions. Twitter allows them to send Quick information, respond to support requests and monitor brand and competition mentions. Forums allow customers to get help each other or Avaya technical support.

Dunay reported to the CMO with significant dynamics. "She asked," Where do we talk to clients? "And I said:" Everywhere! "She asked," Where are we going to talk to the partners? "

Avaya's eyes and ears

with active listening The team's main focus was that the members simply couldn't be anywhere, especially since Avaya's name was in 1,000 to 2,500 increments. Week. They turned to Radian6 technology listen and measure all mentions on social networks not only the name of the company, but also the name of the competitors, the names of the products and the nature of the discussions.

"We identified conversations that we wanted to dig into," Dunay said. "We need to be where there are discussions about small businesses and communications."

Avaya is chasing one mentions panel, and you can choose to ignore or reply to each item. When a member "hears" something that requires more action, they post it on an internal wiki and someone from the relevant team is asked to address it. This can be support, billing and financing, engineering, a partner, etc.

Dunay emphasizes that None of Avaya's responses are automated.Who knows what a potential customer or client can say? If your answer doesn't match your comments, you've lost the opportunity to connect on a personal level.

The sale of 58 characters.

On average, Avaya interacts with a dozen customers each week through social media. The team also listens opportunitiesIn June of this year, 58 characters began the relationship with a potential client from a simple tweet.

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Shoretel or Avaya? It is too soon for a new phone system, ”said the tweet.

"In less than 15 we saw him in minutes and found out what the hell he was going to say to this guy," Dunay said. I replied, "We have some very skilled technicians who can help you better understand your needs and make an objective decision. Call me at & # 39;"

Dunay referred the gentleman to a business partner, and 13 days later, they closed a sale of $ 250,000At the same time, the new customer's follow-up tweet was published: "… we chose AVAYA as our new phone system. Technology and benefits enthusiasts …"

""We were there. We listen It is worth listeningDunay said: "I can't say we had 100% of the conversations we wanted to attend, even though it's probably 60-70%. But at our brand it's 117%. We're in every single one of them."

A tweet away

Proactively search Mentions and conversations.Avaya sees trouble even before they happenbefore someone contacts the company. A response to a mention on social media really impresses customers, prospects, and partners. "We are the early response center for things that happen in the market," Dunay said. "They love to know it's you a tweet away, ""

Avaya's social media team grew rapidly, but Dunay has an even bigger vision for social media.

"I don't think it should be 50. I think it should be .000. Everyone must attendDunay said, "We definitely want deeper, broader people in the organization."

"Our goal must be achieved deeper, more interesting and insightful conversations with as many people as possible, he added. Why not take every opportunity for your brand to build deeper and better relationships with every customer you can. "

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