WoW Classic exceeds one million viewers in Twitch at its premiere

by Kelvin
WoW Classic exceeds one million viewers in Twitch at its premiere

It is clear that the years have failed with World of warcraft. Blizzard's flagship game continues to have millions of subscribers today despite the more than 15 years that have passed since its launch. Now, more than ever, you can see the enormous push that the MMO still has in the gamer community thanks to the launch of WoW Classic.

And, as many of you will know, the servers of WoW Classic They opened their doors yesterday officially to resume the original experience of the game, the one that so many of us lived there for 2004 and more specifically 2006, at which time the 1.12 patch came out on which WoW Classic is based.


WoW Classic begins its journey with more than one million viewers

In the end, everything can be reduced to the cold numbers: if something works, there will be people interested. And it seems that WoW Classic is more than noise, as the over a million people who gathered in Twitch to see the launch live.

To put ourselves in context, giants of Twitch as Fortnite o League of Legends have an average expectation of 100,000 people and 200,000 peaks. A closer example was the departure of auto battler by Riot Teamfight Tactics, which brought together nearly 100,000 spectators at its premiere. Thus, we put the huge achievement which is this data achieved by WoW Classic last night.

After the hangover, that huge number has dropped but continues to be an exorbitant figure: right now WoW Classic has almost 600,000 spectators worldwide, despite the problems that are currently having the servers, which they are collapsed and they are waiting in line with more than two hours of waiting to enter.

Now we just have to wait to see how the interest of the community evolves in the coming months and know if it was really a success by Blizzard to offer this content again and if it will really work in the long term.

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