WPBinner Christmas Gift – Tassimo T20 Brewbot


As a blogger, you usually get Christmas gifts like digital cameras, external hard drives, cool USB sticks, and other electronic devices. But nobody seems to think that many of us bloggers use coffee as fuel. Well, one of our friends, Lara Kulpa (@larakulpa) from Tassimo, decided to send me the BEST Christmas gift we received from a company. After exchanging a few emails with thanks, etc., we were told we could pass one of them on to a happy reader (US citizens only, sorry).

What the hell is a Tassimo T20 brewery?

At first we thought it would look like this:


Well don't blame us! The name is Brewbot, as geeky as we were, it was an accurate representation. But it didn't look like this when we opened the box. Rather, it was a cool little shower system like this:

In summary, Tassimo is a manufacturer of pod-based hot drinks, as it can produce coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate, chai tea, etc. on the big button This machine simply reads the barcode and knows what to do. Tassimo's ease of use is probably the best part of this machine. All you have to do is insert the T disk and hit Go. Since you have already filled the water in the tank, drink your cup of hot drink in about a minute (that's fast). The people of Tassimo sent us two sample packages, one of which was a Starbucks cappuccino. The quality of the coffee was as good as what you get in the store, and when you look at the price compared to the store, it is much cheaper. At least the first 8 cups were free, but you can get a cup of Starbucks cappuccino for approx. 1, $ 28 or a generic cappuccino for 0 $ 75 / record purchase. Yes, if you are a desperate Starbucks addict like us, you have a new edition. (PS: We want Santa Claus to send us more Starbucks Cappuccino Primo items.)… Everyone who sends us these items will receive one Twitter Mention of our account (send us a DM for the address) ;)

The second best part of Tassimo is his ability to purify himself. It provides a cleaning disc with its own barcode (can be reused) and the machine is automatically rinsed with warm water and sterilized. Without clutter, without anything. It is a plug and play game.

Tassimo at work

How can you win

Well this was the best Christmas gift we received and we have a chance to send one of these amazing Tassimo Brewbot to a happy reader. Like all our previous contests, this will be an exclusive gift for your Twitter and is only available to US citizens. USA USA To enter the competition, just tweet:

I love #WordPress and coffee, so I want a #Tassimo BrewBot from @wpbeginner – http://wpbeg.in/hPNSEo (enter RT)

Note: You can change the tweet at any time by mentioning it (@wpbeginner and #tassimo hashtag with a link to this post).

Follow @wpbeginner on Twitter, we can send a direct message to notify the winners.

The winner of this contest will be chosen at random and we will select the winner on Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 11am. Announce the clock. its T Since it's time for truth and we want to send this out as soon as possible, we will ask the winner within 6 hours after the review. If we don't hear a response, we will choose another winner.

The Tassimo T20 Brewbot usually costs $ 129, but during this special you can buy it for $ 104.99 and get two packages of free coffee. Use this link to get a discount: http://bit.ly/Tassimo25

Our sincere thanks to Tassimo

We would like to thank @larakulpa and @tassimotaster for sending us this amazing machine. You should follow them to get more good gifts you can make in the future. More information about Tassimo Brewbot can be found on the official website.

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