Write, edit and sign PDF documents without complications

by Kelvin

With the increasing use of technology, face-to-face procedures have been reduced at nearly the same speed. We can download the form, fill it out and resend it, from home or office. This procedure is not confined to individuals for contracts or registrations, private companies and even Public Administration improving your online paperwork recognizes the benefits It offers many users, who save themselves from moving to a website, such as the company itself, who can easily classify and organize their documentation.

In the online procedure, there is a predefined format, PDF. The content is unchanged or aesthetically incompatible with the type of device or program that opens the document. However, one of its main advantages is its greatest weakness: Difficulty editing it or even adding a signature in the event of a contract.


PDF format has been widely circulated among individuals and companies as well as Public Administration due to its safety and ease of use.

If we want to edit PDFs, there are programs in the market to help you reach them. However, not all work the same and some do it in a simpler way but without reducing security. This is the current PDFelement case also offers 50% off. In Hypertextual we explain how it works.

Easily sign a PDF

The main advantage that PDFelement offers is the solution to many headaches: signing a PDF with a digital signature. No need to print and scan again later.

First of all, after downloading PDFelement, we need to open our PDF file with this program. The next step is to go to the top menu and select the "annotations" option. In the menu that appears, we give you the option to create a new signature. This time, we'll be there two ways to digitize signatures: the first is to upload a picture file with our signature, and the second is to pull it on the trackpad or, if we have a good pulse, do so with the mouse.

Write, edit and sign PDF documents without complications 2

Once the signature has been loaded, we return to our document and place the cursor on the go. We choose the option to load the signature and it will appear, with the freedom to move it to where we want it to appear.

It's simpler. To view it graphically, here are just three steps you need to sign a document.

The first is to click on the top option that says "sign the document." The menu will open.

Write, edit and sign PDF documents without complications 3

The second step is to create a new ID that will serve us for the future whenever we want to sign.

Write, edit and sign PDF documents without complications 4

Finally, the third step is to configure the signature style we want. When we are done, we will provide everything to sign our PDF document.

Write, edit and sign PDF documents without complications 5

Write, edit and sign PDF documents without complications 6

If you have questions about how to register an electronic signature or protect a document with a digital signature, check out this tutorial.

Not only can you sign PDF documents, you can also edit, edit or even convert them to other formats such as Word or Excel.

What else can I do in PDF

But it's not just useful for signing. PDFelement lets you make any kind of customization to the documents you need. This is an "all in one" solution for working with files. For example, another a more useful function is to convert it to another format such as Word, Excel or even image files.

If they send us a PDF file with a few sheets, PDFelement will also allow us to select only fragments or pages that interest us, cut and create new documents, so that they can be shared and customized.

Scan, digitize and edit

Finally, another common situation where PDFelement can help us is when we receive important contracts or documents on paper. If we want to digitize it, it is easy to scan or take pictures with our handset, but it is not possible to edit the file until now.

Thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR), we are able to convert scanned PDF documents into editable text while maintaining original formats and layouts. This function, available only in PRO subscriptions, also lets you change the text format or image size. Also, we do not have to worry about languages ​​because we know a great number, including English, French, Russian, Japanese, German or Spanish.

PDFelement is available for both Windows (a perfect alternative to Adobe) as it is for Macs as well as for mobile phones. While enjoying all of its unlimited functionality, it offers paid versions, we can also try out the free version if we're not sure. While we need the PDF document viewer and editors to periodically use it, PDFelement also now offers a 50% discount on limited time for Hypertext readers.

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