Wunderlist replacement ready to download: install Microsoft To Do

by Kelvin
Wunderlist replacement ready to download: install Microsoft To Do

The homework applications They are very helpful for those of us who are so clueless that we always forget the things that remain pending. And of course, we all have our favorite app. There will be those who opt for Todoist, for those who prefer to use Google Keep even though it is not strictly homework … And those who miss a heavyweight, Wunderlist.

Wunderlist It is (or was) a perfect application to keep everything pending in order without having to deal with complicated adjustments or intricate services of tasks: just choose everything there is to do and sort it in lists. In addition, Wunderlist became strong with the collaborative tasks; hence it ended up in the hands of a larger company, Microsoft.


Although Wunderlist is doomed to disappear, and despite the fact that the creator has formally asked Microsoft to return the app, we can relive the extinct Wunderlist in the new To Do. Microsoft advanced the news. And it can now be downloaded from Google Play.

Simpler, more powerful and very collaborative design: this is the renewed Microsoft To Do

The company has fully absorbed all the experience and capabilities of Wunderlist to create an extremely complete, simple task application, perfect for use on a computer and with the full potential of the Microsoft cloud and services office 365. Of course, you can use it without having hired any subscription: Microsoft To Do It's ready so you don't forget anything you have pending.

The application has been thoroughly renewed so that even the most staunch of Wunderlist can approach All. Intelligent planning of each day, customizable screens so that each planning separates from the rest, consolidating productivity, lists in the form of cards with rounded corners, pleasant and simple visualization that escapes from the superfluous, sharing and working in groups is even easier… It is worth giving the new Microsoft To Do a chance, it may become your preferred task management application.

Wunderlist replacement ready to download: install Microsoft To Do

To download this new version of Microsoft To Do you just have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Play and download the application.
  • Descend to the bottom of the card Microsoft To Do and sign up for the beta.
  • Wait for the update to arrive and download it.
  • Alternatively, you can download the latest version from Apk Mirror.

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