WWDC 2014, you can see it from YouTube and download it from iTunes

by Kelvin

Review the best of the keynote in videos

Although we know that much of the computer and technological world has been paralyzed last Monday thanks to the last World Conference of Developers of Apple, WWDC14, it is also true that others have had various occupations and could not see the entire event. The advantage is that already in YouTube, through the official channel of Apple, you will find all the videos of it, and in this way we can analyze every aspect of what happened.

WWDC 2014, you can see it from YouTube and download it from iTunes 4

The last WWDC, discovered in YouTube

The first thing to note in this regard is that while YouTube It is not the only way to see the best of what happened in this keynote, since this video is also fully available on the official website of Apple. Anyway, for many who do not understand English perfectly, or particular details of what was announced by Tim Cook and company have been lost, being able to see it again on this video platform is an interesting alternative, if we consider that on the web of AppleIn principle, it can only be seen through the Safari browser.


The best thing is that in addition to being able to see it in YouTube, Apple You already have it available to download keynote on our computer, in different video qualities. This, at least for the many fans of Apple, is a way to collect all the contents of this keynote and any other event of the Cupertino boys, so also for them, these links can be important. That is, how to have a television series, but with all the news of Apple.

Official video of the WWDC14 keynote and download links

Then you can enjoy the official video of the WWDC14 keynote uploaded by Apple to his official channel of YouTube.

If you want to download the keynote, later you will find the official iTunes links.

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, the big releases

Of course, if we talk about this particular edition of the keynote of AppleWe have to point out that the main releases have been on the softwares side, as expected. Particularly, in the case of mobile phones, with the official launch of iOS 8, which we have already analyzed several of its novelties; while in the case of Mac computers the news has been the arrival of its own renewed ecosystem, with the new OS X Yosemite.

WWDC 2014, you can see it from YouTube and download it from iTunes 5

Beyond that, the curiosity about this WWDC 2014 is that there was no official mention of the new devices, terminals and equipment of Apple They are being the focus of the rumors in recent times. We are talking about the iPhone 6, the iWatch and the new Mac, which everything indicates will be for the next few weeks, in another event of the Cupertino firm.

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