WWE Champions 2019, defeat fighters on your smartphone by combining gems

by Kelvin
Juego WWE Champions 2019


There are many fighting games for the Android operating system, but there are some that try to surprise with different options that some will love and that for others will simply be a reason for not giving development a chance. This is just what happens with WWE Champions 2019 and we show the reasons for saying this.


This game is the protagonist of the WWE competition and, more specifically, the fighters who participate in it (both the current ones and some who left their mark on the market). Luckily, WWE Champions 2019 has official licenses, so that both men and the design of each of the protagonists is the one that is remembered to watch on television. This makes the attractiveness of work greater and that everything is completely recognizable.

The graphics of the game are in three dimensions and, fortunately, they are not particularly demanding (but they are not badly finished at all). The fact is that we have verified that on Android devices with quad-core processor and 3 GB of RAM WWE Champions 2019 works … but with some problems of execution since sometimes «lag» appears. If the terminal used has an octa-core SoC and the memory amounts to 4 GB, everything runs very well. In what has to do with the soundtrack, it must be said that the one included is excellent quality and reminds perfectly of the emissions of this competition.

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What makes WWE Champions 2019 different

Despite being a fighting game, it must be said that it is nothing violent. The reason is that you don't have to execute your own actions to give knocks or keys being made, since the possibilities to end the enemy are when you can make a combination at the bottom of the screen It can be said that this work has a mixture of action and Candy Crush. The better the combination that is achieved and the higher score, so the impact is more powerful to get to leave the opponents KO.

And how do you get those combos? Well, collecting jacks that has the same shape (some have gifts inside). These have to be from three or more, and if they are achieved there is a blow that causes the energy bar of the opponent to lower. When it reaches zero, you can try to win the fight … but there is an escape, since it is possible to try to add the score with jutas to escape. Curious system, but that does not have its touch of fun.

More details of WWE Champions 2019

There are many options offered by this development, since it is possible to start a story mode in which victories are being achieved to end up fighting for the world scepter of the competition. In addition, it does not lack a touch of collecting, since it is possible to recruit different fighters who participate or have participated in the organization and, if desired, it is possible to use everyone in WWE Champions 2019. A curious fact: you can raise the level of all of them so that their capacity is the greatest when hitting and by adding points with the different jewels.

In what has to do with the handling, this is really simple, since apart from going from menu to menu (everything is translated, which is an excellent detail since there is much more text than you can think of), what you have to do is press on the touch screen to gather the gems. It's all that simple. By the way, there is a initial assistant that, although it is longer than desirable, it is true that it is very helpful.

Download the game WWE Champions 2019

If what we have commented on the WWE Champions 2019 game catches your attention, then we leave the download links in the stores Galaxy Store and Play Store, in both cases it is totally gratuitous the process. A game with different options to the usual fighting and that, even, is a good possibility for the little ones of the house in these vacations.

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