Xbox Live suffers problems and does not let you log in or play certain games

by Kelvin
Xbox Live suffers problems and does not let you log in or play certain games

Xbox Live is down

The problems are somewhat random. In our case we have been able to log in to the console, and the games have run correctly, however, some applications did not work as they should and the login has been extended too much. Anyway, our contact list remained without any active connection, while many users are reporting problems with their accounts.


So, if you're trying to log in and you can't, or just your games don't run, don't worry, Redmond is working to get everything back to normal. The official website of the service informs that Xbox Live You are currently with limited services, so it is normal for us to find problems when you log in, manage or recover an account.

How to know if Xbox Live works

In these cases of panic, the best thing you can do is check the official website of the service status. On this website you can check if there is a fault, and if there is one, they will indicate the severity and which branches of the service are affected. You just have to take a look at the page that we leave below to get out of doubt:

In addition, the service offers the possibility to send you a notification when the operation has been restored. This notification is more important than you might think, since it would prevent you from continually checking the status of the service and continually testing the console if the problem has disappeared, something that does not help restore network peace of mind. With active notification, you can rest assured that Xbox will notify you when everything is ready.

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