Xbox Series X: prototype game console cuts HDMI input


Image: Microsoft

In the forum NeoGAF Prototype photos of Xbox Series X have emerged, allowing you to see the connection section of a new game console for the first time. Therefore, the console took over all Xbox One X ports except the HDMI input.

Both photos show the Xbox Series X prototype once from the front and once from the back. The sticker on the back shows that it is a prototype. So far, only the front, side, and top panels of the console are visible in the Xbox Series X trailer, but not the connection.

Xbox Series X front prototype (Image: CurryPanda (NeoGAF))
The Xbox Series X prototype from behind The Xbox Series X prototype from behind (Image: CurryPanda (NeoGAF))

Except HDMI input, Xbox One X

The images show a game console with rear HDMI output, S / PDIF connector, Ethernet, two USB SuperSpeed ​​connections and with a connector for the power cable. Also, you can see longitudinal ports, which should be used for debugging, but may be lost in the commercial version for end customers. The photo also shows that the console can be opened from behind, but this is not confirmed.

Compared to the Xbox One X, the only thing missing is an HDMI input, which was designed primarily for the American market because customers can use it to play games through their set-top boxes and control TV shows through the console.

The prototype agrees with the previous sketch.

Back in early January, someone said that the rear connections and the full prototype should not be fake. Thurrott Post a report nearby At the time, Brad Sams, known for his good connections to Microsoft, released a sketch of the back of the Xbox Series X, which matches the current drawing with the rear label.

In addition to the vertical slot drive, other USB jacks can be seen on the front of the prototype, but are not printed to specification.

AMD CPU and GPU with ray tracing

It is well known that Xbox Series X can play games in UHD resolution at 60 frames per second and that developers can display up to 120 FPS on demand. Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and 8K support are also possible. AMD CPU with Zen2 architecture and GPU with AMD RDNA architecture, including hardware accelerated beam tracking used as a processor. SSDs will also be installed for short load times. Hard drives have their day with Xbox Series X.

More details The Official Xbox X Series is not expected until E3 in June.

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