Xiaomi AirDots TWS: universal wireless headphones

by Kelvin
Xiaomi AirDots TWS: universal wireless headphones

Hello, friends

The ubiquitous fashion for wireless headphones has led to the fact that now on the street you can hardly find people whose wires are drawn to the phone from the ears. At the same time, most wireless headphones have AirPods style, there are much more cheap fakes than originals, since often the desire to look fashionable does not correspond to financial capabilities.


Xiaomi, as an innovative company, doesn’t graze the back ones either – releasing a whole line of wireless headphones, which everyone can afford to buy, having received great sound, at an adequate price. And at the same time stand out from the monotony of AirPod clones.

My today's review is just about such headphones – Xiaomi AirDots TWS.

Where can one buy

  • – price at the time of publication of the review – $ 39.99
  • – price at the time of publication of the review – $ 53.89
  • – price at the time of publication of the review – $ 39.99
  • – price at the time of publication of the review – $ 32.99
  • – price at the time of publication of the review – 1599 UAH
  • – price at the time of publication of the review – 999 UAH
  • – price at the time of publication of the review – 3490 rubles
  • – price at the time of publication of the review – 4190 rubles


In my case, the headphones arrived in a white and blue box brighter than the usual white and gray ecosystem packaging. Most of the inscriptions are made with hieroglyphs. On the back side, traditionally – device parameters, here are also all explanatory inscriptions in Chinese. Specifically, this model is focused on the Chinese market. The bottom left shows the month of production – April 2019


  • Playback time – up to 4 hours
  • Standby time – 150 hours
  • Full charge time – 2.5 hours
  • Earphone charging – 1.5 hours
  • Bluetooth – 5.0
  • Profiles – HFP, A2DP, HSP, AVRCP
  • Distance – up to 10 meters
  • Battery capacity – 40 mAh
  • Charging station capacity – 300 mAh
  • Range – 20-20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 106 ± 3 dB

What is in the box

The box was almost twice as large as necessary. Inside it was a cardboard insert with partitions – about a quarter of the volume is occupied by an oval box of the charging station with headphones.

In the next compartment is a USB-micro USB charging cable, traditionally flat for Xiaomi, and a bag with silicone ear pads. Inside was a booklet with instructions. And almost half the box’s volume was taken by Chinese air.

The bag contained two additional sets of ear pads – small and large. Medium – already installed on the headphones

The instruction, like most of the inscriptions on the box, is in Chinese. To deal with everything, you can use the camera and google translator.


To store and charge the headphones, a small and neat plastic case with the MI logo on the lid is used. The logo as well as the cover is white and merges with the body material.

On the back there is a power connector, in micro USB format, I personally would prefer USB – Type C

On the lower side are the parameters of the charge current and voltage. The maximum is 300 mA, which allows you to charge the headphones from any, even the weakest power supply.

Under the magnetic cover of the docking station, there are headphone compartments – they are not the same in shape, right and left places can not be changed.

Headphones are held in their compartments thanks to magnets, each with two spring-loaded charging contacts. In the transport position – the contacts are covered with a film. When installing – headphones, thanks to magnets – they themselves jump into place. Getting them is also easy.

Headphones are medium sized, I would say universal. Each weight is a little over 4 grams. Original, not sore, “apple design”

The length of the body of each earphone is 2 cm, all the faces of the oval body are rounded so as not to cause discomfort when listening.

Quite a miniature docking station – the length of which is only 6 cm, fits without any problems in any pocket and the smallest bag.

Connecting and disconnecting is implemented as simple as possible – for this you just need to remove the headphones from the docking station, or, for disconnection – install in the charging compartments.


For the first connection of headphones – it is enough to remove them from the box. With simultaneous removal – the slave earphone is right, a white LED on its body lights up.

When scanning a bluetooth environment, the Mi Airdots Basic_R device is detected – in this case, the headphones are connected as one stereo headset. Headphones were connected to the Mi 8 Lite smartphone using the A2DP profile and SBC codec.

But the headphones, if necessary, can be connected individually and left and right, then the range of each will be up to 10 meters but in mono mode, and in stereo – the distance between the right and left headphones can not exceed 2-3 meters. It is convenient for two people to use headphones.

To control it, use the touch panel on the headphone, short press to start / stop playback, double Touchez to voice assistant, and long press to turn the headphones on and off.

Headphone Operation

Xiaomi AirDots – have a good supply of volume, there will be no problems with listening even in loud public transport, such as the subway, although this also depends on the sound source. The bass here is very good, but the detail is not always enough. Middle and high frequencies are balanced, listening is comfortable and on different musical material.

I did not notice the short breaks inherent in inexpensive headsets at AirDots.

As a headset, it also works flawlessly, the audibility is excellent, the interlocutor hears everything clearly too. When talking, the microphone of the right earphone is used – in noisy places it should be covered. By the way, AirDots has an intelligent noise reduction feature.

Given the low cost of headphones – we can say that they pleasantly surprised by the quality of playback.

When charging on the case of the charging dock, the red dot of the LED lights up. When charging is completed, it switches to white.

The same applies to headphones – a red diode when charging, but if they are charged, then the LED just goes out. Actually, the duration of playing music, at a volume of about 70%, was enough for more than 3.5 hours.

In my ear, the headphones stay well, the middle ear cushion came up to me. Remember that in the kit there are additional large and small sets. As for me – the headset looks neat, nothing sticks out. Sensations that the earphone is about to fall out – no. Everything is very convenient.

Video review


Xiaomi did not fail this time either. For a relatively low cost, especially in comparison with the original AirPod, they offer comfortable, high-quality and beautiful headphones. Good sound, compact size, original design – if you are looking for a wireless headset for all occasions, AirDots is a worthy candidate.

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