Xiaomi and Meitu will produce a new device next year

by Kelvin
Xiaomi and Meitu will produce a new device next year 1

At the end of last year Meitu and Xiaomi entered into a partnership for the joint production of some new ones smartphone. These devices, under the Meitu brand, should have become part, at least initially, of the Chinese market. According to current information, however, there is currently only one model on the market. Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Editon is, in fact, the smartphone that in fact constituted a debut for the brand, although inside it there is practically nothing that characterizes it compared to the others. Besides some particularities reserved to the camera, we find nothing else. We must rely, then, on the statements of the company CEO, according to which something is really moving on the horizon.

Meitu and Xiaomi will produce a device next year

xiaomi meitu flip camera


According to the latest rumors, the CEO of Meitu would have declared that the next year a new Meitu brand device will surely be marketed. From the commercial point of view, however, Xiaomi will be in charge of the sale, just as stipulated in the contract phase. This new smartphone will therefore also represent an unprecedented product line, of which we know practically nothing.

Meanwhile, it seems that Meitu if you do it well enough from an economic point of view. In fact, in the last year he has registered a increase in advertising revenue by 27.2%, growing six times that of the previous year. This could bring prestige to the brand, which would therefore also have the opportunity to present a smartphone that is very different from what we can expect.

Therefore, it only remains to wait for further news about it. What do you expect from this partnership? Will Meitu and Xiaomi be able to produce something "different"? Let us know below with a comment.

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