Xiaomi announces the Lite version of its Power Bank equipped with wireless charging

by Kelvin
Xiaomi announces the Lite version of its Power Bank equipped with wireless charging

Technology wireless charging It is taking a leading role in the last year. Not only in its integration in much of the smartphones high-end, but also in a large number of gadgets that every day are opting for this method of wireless charging as the main power supply.

And it is that throughout the morning, Xiaomi has presented the new β€œLite” version of its Mi Wireless Power Bank. A new portable battery that is characterized by its surface with wireless charging stand, but this time at a cheaper price.

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Specifically, this new version available in black and white, has a weight of 230 grams, 75 grams less than the standard version and a thickness that has been reduced by 1.8mm to reach a total of 16.6mm. In this way a new, much more compact powerbank is achieved with measurements of 147.9x70x6x16.6mm.

In its upper part we find a total of two connections, a port USB A with which we can charge virtually any device at a maximum intensity of 2.4Aas well as a USB-C bidirectional type, that is, through the same port we can charge the powerbank itself or an external device at a maximum power of 18W.

New Power Bank with wireless charging. Xiaomi Addicted News

Its capacity is of 10,000mAh, counting like its standard model with a Wireless charging base capable of reaching 10W of power. A sufficient charge level to fully charge a Xiaomi Mi 9 in 2 hours.

Price and availability

This new Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank Lite will be released for sale next September 12, starting from a price of only 129 yuan, some 16 euros to change ($ 18).

As usually happens with this type of products, it is very likely that its worldwide sale will not take place So we will have to resort to the various resellers of AliExpress or other stores such as Banggood or Gearbest.

Source | ITHome

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