Xiaomi at work on a smartphone that runs in 8K

by Kelvin
Xiaomi at work on a smartphone that runs in 8K

Xiaomi at work on a smartphone that runs in 8K 2

Xiaomi has in mind to launch a smartphone that can record video in 8K at 30fps, colleagues from XDA Developers discovered this by examining the MIUI Camera APK in the MIUI 11 beta.

Xiaomi focuses on camera phones

It is now increasingly clear, Xiaomi is focusing on the photographic sector of its smartphones: the goal is to eliminate once and for all the prejudice according to which a smartphone of the Chinese giant is not much when it comes to taking pictures. Not surprisingly, only a few days ago, the imposing Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha was presented: a particular device not only from the design point of view (we could define it as a huge display with a smartphone heart), but also for the photographic sector, thanks to its 108MP photographic sensor.


Therefore, it is not surprising to find that in the plans of the Chinese giant there would be a terminal capable of shooting videos in 8K at 30fps. The discovery, as anticipated, was made by colleagues from XDA Developers. They noticed the important detail while examining the MIUI Camera APK code present in the MIUI 11 beta, officially announced the other day.

According to XDA Developers the Xiaomi smartphone can record videos in 8K it does not exist yet. This is not Mi MIX Alpha (after all it would have been made known when presenting the device) and – most likely – it won't even be equipped with the Snapdragon 855+ processor. In fact, it is true that there are devices – such as Red Magic 3 – capable of offering similar video performances (still at 15fps), but it is also worth noting that – technically – Qualcomm's current flagship SoC is not natively designed for support this kind of functionality.

Therefore, it is easy to think that it will be a new generation of smartphones, coming next year, with on board the successor of Snapdragon 855+.