Xiaomi boasts the Redmi battery Note 8 Pro: 40% after 2 days of use!

by Kelvin
Xiaomi boasts the Redmi battery Note 8 Pro: 40% after 2 days of use!

The Redmi Note 8 Pro and its 4,500 mAh battery

As on previous occasions, it has been Xiaomi's own president, Lin Bin, who has shared details through his Weibo account. The manager has published a screenshot where we can see the use he has given to his Redmi Note 8 Pro in the last … 2 days. However, the real surprise comes when we see that after 48 hours using the phone, the device still has a 40% battery. Almost half!


Redmi Note 8 Pro use battery

In the consumption history you can see how you have been using the network 4G all the time, also of the WiFi connectivity and, although at the beginning of the tests it has not turned on the screen too much, the last hours does seem to have used the device with intensity (at which time the energy consumption is most noticeable).

Redmi Features Note 8 Pro: TOF camera?

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Although there are still a few days left before the device is presented, Xiaomi has confirmed that it will take a liquid cooling system To control the internal temperature. This cooling system will reduce the heat generated by the processor, a CPU that Lu Weibing, the brand's manager, has revealed through images published in his Weibo account. According to Weibing, the Redmi Note 8 will ride a Snapdragon 665while the Redmi Note 8 Pro will opt for a Helio G90T from Mediatek.

On the other hand, it has also been known that the device will have a configuration of 4 rear cameras in linear format that will be captained by a 48 megapixel sensor in the case of Redmi Note 8 and 64 megapixels in the case of Redmi Note 8 Pro. These sensors will be paid by Samsung, since we would be facing a new ISOCELL that would only improve the cover letter of this new low cost terminal. Even so, one of the last images shared by Redmi in its official Weibo profile seems to show that Redmi Note 8 Pro will feature a camera that could be of type TOF if we take into account the dimensions of the lens and the placement under the flash. We'll see how the thing ends.

Taking into account the liquid cooling system and the processor used in the Pro version, it is possible that Redmi presents this model as a gaming option for those looking for a phone to play. Anyway, it seems that they are running a very complete terminal, and the announcement of the official price will be sure the icing on the cake.

Will the Redmi arrive Note 8 Pro to Spain?

Seen as seen it seems that the differences between the normal version and the Redmi Pro Note 8 will be important, or at least, striking. However, the interesting thing will be if on this occasion Xiaomi will dare to bring the most important model to the Spanish market, since we remember that with the previous generation they decided to incorporate only the normal version of Redmi Note 7 to the catalog. This time, history may repeat itself, although we must wait for the official confirmation to start getting sad.

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