Xiaomi confirms great phase leading markets in Russia and India

by Kelvin
Xiaomi confirms great phase leading markets in Russia and India

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi received two good news at the end of October 2020 about the brand’s international performance. In the same year that it celebrates its first decade of life, it was confirmed as the market leader in cell phones in two valuable and highly contested markets: Russia and India.

The case of India is quite symbolic. It was one of the first countries in which the company embarked on international expansion and, especially with more accessible models from the Redmi line, won over the public. The political tensions between the two countries that remain – and even led to the banning of TikTok – have not changed the image of the manufacturer.

Currently, it holds the first place on the podium in the country for the third consecutive year, according to data from the consulting firm Canalys for the third quarter of 2020. It has 26.1% of the market, against 20.4% for Samsung. But some nearby companies are growing at a fast pace, like Vivo and Realme, which should make the competition fiercer.


India is currently the second largest market for smartphones of the world, having surpassed the US and currently trailing only China itself.


According to Yandex, Xiaomi has become the most popular cell phone brand in the last four years in Russia. In a decade-long survey using local consumer search and consumption data, the company has been proven a local favorite since 2016.

Previously Nokia, Samsung and Apple occupied the post. However, the arrival of cheaper devices from the Redmi line was again the difference: for 28% of Russians in 2020, Xiaomi is the first brand considered when buying a smartphone.

It would even be well positioned in the national ranking of brands preferred by the population. In 2020, she came in seventh, ahead of giants like Coca-Cola, Puma and Zara. Huawei is the biggest threat at the moment in the region, also conquering consumers over the last few years.