Xiaomi continues to increase its profits in the second quarter of 2019

by Kelvin
Xiaomi sigue aumentando sus beneficios en el segundo trimestre de 2019

Xiaomi is no longer the new brand that has arrived to stay. Xiaomi is shown to the world as one of the manufacturers of smartphones most profitable today. The Chinese company has managed to greatly improve its results over the years and the figures presented in the second four-month period make clear a more than outstanding evolution.

The new ranges have been more than good for Xiaomi to gradually become a giant in the sector of smartphones. Best sellers like Redmi Note 7 or mobile phones as affordable as the Mi 9T Pro are identified as the great benefactors of a company that fattens its profits with each passing year. On this occasion, we talked about all the financial results of the second quarter of 2019, And the numbers are really spectacular.


Xiaomi grows: 49% in profits and 20% in sales

We have already reviewed the financial results of Samsung, LG and Huawei. Now is the time for a Xiaomi that has been waiting but has finally presented the accounts of the second quarter. The Chinese company has billed a total of 95.7 billion yuan, so we talk about an approximate total of 20% sales growth regarding the year 2018. The arrival of Redmi Note 7 is largely to blame for an increase that grows exponentially in international markets and that is not only based on the Asian country.

If we talk about benefits, Xiaomi's percentage rises to 49.3% if we compare it with last year's data with a net benefit of 3.640 million yuan. That is to say, an increase of the most outstanding that ascends until 71%. You never know if the company could hit a major downturn due to any kind of problem, but what is clear is that, if you keep up this pace, you can become a serious competitor for the most prominent companies in the market.

Xiaomi continues to increase its profits in the second quarter of 2019 2

Xiaomi plays with a quality – price ratio exceptional which seems to be giving more than outstanding results in the current market. In a sector where prices are increasingly overwhelmed, Xiaomi arrives and adjusts them to a really prominent point to gain the confidence of users increasingly happy with their products. With this we do not mean that your phones are perfect, much less, they simply follow a standard that works: good quality for a small price.

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