Xiaomi, folding smartphone: check new design

by Kelvin
Xiaomi, folding smartphone: check new design

It is no mystery that Xiaomi be at work on one folding smartphone, whose prototype even appeared on video a few months ago. The leaked patent shows a device not too different from the protagonist of the clip. Thus, the design of the Chinese fold's first foldable may well be so.

Xiaomi: his idea of ​​foldable

We are aware that patents could lead to real products or to remain smartphone designs never born. However, considering that an Xiaomi foldable prototype already exists and resembles the one in this document, we can hope that the company has pretty clear ideas about as it should be his first foldable.


Xiaomi, folding smartphone: check new design 3

The images do not release large additional details compared to what has already been leaked over time. However, they allow us to take a look at the possible photographic sector on board the device: it should be a trio of sensors, vertically aligned, which should work – if necessary – even as a selfie camera. In fact, it seems that the goal is to guarantee the screen the maximum possible space, without holes and without interruptions of any kind.

Xiaomi, folding smartphone: check new design 4

We don't know when Xiaomi had in mind launch its first folding smartphone, but it seems that this patent is valid until 2024: relatively short times, since it is – in fact – a patent. Therefore, the Chinese giant may already be well underway. According to recent rumors, the name of the device could be Xiaomi Dual Flex or MIX Flex.

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