Xiaomi is already finalizing the next Redmi smartphone Note 8th

by Kelvin
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 smartphone Android

Xiaomi is already finalizing preparations for its next mid-range Android smartphone, the Redmi Note 8. To all Chinese brand enthusiasts, we now have great news, as well as various images of the possible mobile device that will excel, among other things, for the main camera.

The redmi Note 8 should be presented during the second half of 2019 and now we have images!

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 android smartphone

The next element for one of the most famous (and sought after) Xiaomi product ranges will be ready to be presented. According to the press italian, the smartphone has already received the necessary approval for China approval authority, TENAA. There he also left some of his first photographs.

The Redmi smartphone Note 8, by Xiaomi

So we have a new Android device that will excel for price / quality. In fact, this has been the brand's strategy that, meanwhile, has already become a success story in Europe. We therefore believe that this will continue with the upcoming releases, especially mid-range ones.

Similarly, the Redmi Note 8 will be known for its main 64 MP camera. A feat made possible by a Samsung ISOCELL sensor that will produce images with 16 MP final resolution. At the same time, we have enhanced its other technical features and display.

Then we can see the contours of the mobile device which, meanwhile, has also appeared in other online publications. Here we see a smartphone with rounded corners dominated by the vertical elements on its back, as well as the fingerprint reader just below the main dual camera.

The images shown above refer to the smartphone that has been certified by TENAA. So we have other color schemes besides the most sober black pictured here. Take a look at the peculiar position of your LED flash, as well as the Redmi logo, just below the biometric sensor.

What to expect from this upcoming Android smartphone?

Although for now several of its details are missing, we know that the big bet will be the camera. Something we have seen Xiaomi betting on, especially with the use of Samsung sensors. On the other hand, your screen is likely to remain an IPS LCD to keep the price down.

Still looking at the front panel we see tiny margins as well as rounded corners. In addition, the top edge is greatly reduced, with the front camera forcing the screen to adopt a β€œU” notch. Moreover, your earpiece (grid) can be seen a little higher.

Xiaomi is already finalizing the next Redmi smartphone Note 8th 2

Already in another tonic, we naturally have several versions for Redmi Note 8. Something that will translate into several (by default 3) internal storage and RAM schemes. Unfortunately, for now we have no indications about the SoC being used, nor any other technical feature.

By the way, there are still doubts about its name at this moment, with some publications mentioning Redmi Note 8, while others opt for the simpler Redmi 8. Something that would also denote greater autonomy from Xiaomi's satellite company, Redmi.

However, if this Android smartphone has already been approved by one of China's largest regulators, it should be submitted soon. As such, we will be aware of the news surrounding the supposed Redmi Note 8, the one believed to be the next entry smartphone, or mid-range of Xiaomi.

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