Xiaomi is now developing 40-watt wireless fast charging technology


After introducing 30 watts of fast-charging wireless technology, a new announcement highlights that Xiaomi is now working on the development of a similar technology, but 40 watts.

The company doesn't stay long after making product or strategy announcements on the market. Instead, he always moves so as not to lag behind the competition, making him one of the most innovative of all. With this next technology, Future smartphone charging speeds will drop to less than 69 minutes, based on 4,000 mAh battery –, which can be achieved with the 30 W that has just been presented.


40W wireless charger is likely to be released in the near future. This will place Xiaomi in an exclusive area. The new 30W wireless charger is the first in the world and is expected to appear in the Mi 9 Pro 5G, which will be released soon. The 30W wireless flash charger can charge the 4,000 mAh battery from 0% to 50% in 25 minutes, while it only takes 69 minutes to fully charge the battery, as we said. From this data, we can get an idea about the benefits of next generation charging technology.

The company said that 40W wireless fast charge wireless technology has entered the testing phase. This will offer a 33% faster increase in load capacity. In addition to wireless direct charging, Xiaomi says that future superior standards will provide not only wireless charging but also wired charging and reverse charging. This product may not launch or launch this year, but we hope it will drop as soon as possible; We anticipate that in 2020, which will come next year and will come.

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