Xiaomi launches a new pet surveillance camera equipped with an award dispenser for sale

by Kelvin
Xiaomi launches a new pet surveillance camera equipped with an award dispenser for sale

Under the associated brand Pawbyy, Xiaomi has launched its new pet surveillance camera on Youpin today. A new product that joins the wide range of devices that Xiaomi has for the care of our dog or cat, which in this case comes with the attractive operation of awards vendor.

This new pet watch camera has a size of 175x92x249mm next to a weight of 1.2Kg. It also has the minimalist lines in light colors that characterizes Xiaomi so much. In its upper part we find a large size lid through which we can fill its interior with various foods for our pet, while in its lower part it has a small non-slip base.


On its front we find a wide-angle camera capable of recording quality video Full HD at a viewing angle of 130º. In this way, located in virtually any corner of our home we can have full vision of the entire cabin where you are.

Also, just below your camera we find a small opening through which we can remotely launch small food from our smartphone as a prize. A very useful and efficient way to control our dog or cat, rewarding their behavior whether we are at home or away from it.

In addition to the camera as a surveillance element it has a microphone with which we can hear any noise, as well as a small speaker from which we can talk to our pet remotely with our mobile device. For its connection it makes use of Wifi, also having support for video storage in the cloud or via microSD cards supported

Price and availability

This new product for our pet is being a success in China, surpassing the financing objective with which it was launched through the crowdfunding platform, Youpin. Its current price is 399 yuan, some 51 euros to change ($ 56).

Source | Youpin