Xiaomi launches a smart clothes dryer, the M1X Pro

by Kelvin
Xiaomi launches a clothes dryer for 30 KG

Xiaomi has done it again. Yes, the Chinese giant has launched a smart clothes dryer for 30 KG. In this way, Xiaomi takes another blow on the table demonstrating that they are not only mobile manufacturers, but also pioneers in the technology industry. If you want to know more about the Xiaomi M1X Pro dryer, stay with us.

This would not be the first product, out of mobile, successful of Xiaomi because they also have the scooter Xiaomi M365 Pro, the Xiaomi Mi Gaming 2019 and the Mijia microwave.


All the details about the M1X Pro, the Xiaomi smart dryer

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Xiaomi clothes dryer comes to compete in the home appliance market for two simple reasons: it is small and winter is not a problem for her. In addition, it is operated by remote control.

You can install it anywhere in your home, you do not need a special room to place it. The light panel measures only 70x20cm and illuminates each dryer space. It is made of high quality materials such as steel, which is wear resistant and corrosion free.

The Xiaomi M1X Pro dryer, holds up to 30 KG. Something important considering that the clothes weigh much more when wet. Which worsens if you are in winter, because if you do not dry your clothes quickly you can wrinkle and smell bad.

Another important point to highlight is the high safety standards it has, as this dryer is designed against the problems of short circuits and surges. Regarding the noise made by common dryers, the Xiaomi M1X Pro produces minimal noise, something quite significant and innovative.

Where can I buy it?

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Thanks to its easy installation anywhere in the house, the dryer does not take up much space. Well This is retractable and is handled by remote control. Perfect for a small apartment.

As for where you can buy it, in GeekBuying you have a special offer where you will save up to 30%. So, What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this super discount and get the Xiaomi smart dryer if you want one of these.

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