Xiaomi Launches New Marker Light With Price You'll Like

by Kelvin
Xiaomi Launches New Marker Light With Price You'll Like

Xiaomi introduced the new Yeelight Night Light. This is a simple night light with a minimalist design. Already on sale with a promotional price below 5 euros.

As you would expect, this is a smart product. Its light sensor detects when a person approaches, and the light will turn on and off automatically, which will make it very attractive at night.


With a quadrangular look, the Yeelight Night Light has a plastic body. The transparent area at the front serves to provide illumination that will not be enough to disturb your eyes on night "trips" around the house.

Its internal Led light can generate 2500K of light, and a minimum of 0.4W can be used so you can minimize your power consumption. This will be able to recognize the time of day, so as to better adapt the light.

xiaomi yeelight night light nightlight

This is the ideal type of light to have in the bedroom, hallway or stairs. There just needs to be a plug where you want to plug it in, and it's ready for use on the next pass.

Gearbest's current price of under 5 euros makes it a very interesting option for those looking for a simple night light. If you buy two, you get a small discount.

Buy Xiaomi Yeelight Night Light at Gearbest

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