Xiaomi launches smart microwave with grill and minimalist design

by Kelvin
Xiaomi launches smart microwave with grill and minimalist design

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has launched a new smart microwave oven in China. The Mijia Smart Convection Microwave Oven is part of the Mijia family of home devices and brings new functions in both heating and connectivity.

On the outside, the device is quite minimalist in design: it has only three buttons, one of which is swivel to control warm-up time and power levels. In all, it has a capacity of 32 liters of volume.


In operation, it looks more like a multipurpose oven. In addition to the microwave function to heat or defrost food, the new microwave has an option to bake small food and even an optional grill for barbecue.

The model is a slight evolution compared to last year’s launch, with the grill and the multidirectional reflection system (which directs the waves to the entire plate and heats up evenly) the big news.

In terms of connectivity, it can be integrated into a home’s Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and fully controlled by Mijia’s app. Through the service, you can not only place orders on the device, but also access and execute ready-made recipes.

Xiaomi’s new oven will only be sold in China in online stores from August 11 this year. It costs 549 yuan — about R$425 in direct currency conversion.

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