Xiaomi Mensarjor Sink Washing Machine: new smart sink

by Kelvin

Xiaomi Mensarjor Sink Washing MachineWith Mensarjor Sink Washing Machine you can clean all the freshest foods

If you think that some dishes require too much preparation, then you don't know yet Xiaomi Mensarjor Sink Washing Machine. Thanks to this new sink, presented on YouPin, it will be possible wash all food quickly fresher, which are about to be cooked. From the aesthetic point of view, this sink does not present a design so different from the more classic ones, although on the right a real room has been placed. Inside it can be placed, for example, vegetables being able to take advantage of a capacity of 10 liters. To try to give a more precise idea of ​​what it can contain, it suffices to know that there can be up to 50 prawns, 20 potatoes, 10 crabs and 15 apples at the same time. As can be seen from the images, the device is combined with a elegant sink but it can also be purchased separately from the latter.

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Xiaomi Mensarjor Sink Washing Machine is equipped with ultrasound technology

Xiaomi Mensarjor Sink Washing Machine

As a cleaning mechanism, this device uses an interesting method. Behind its structure there is a technology ad ultrasound able to remove dirt and all harmful particles deposited on the products. Indeed, they are present well six vibrators integrated that produce high frequency vibrations, generating small bubbles in the water. With the formation of such bubbles all impurities are removed, while respecting the integrity of the product itself. The foods inside it are then washed thoroughly and, at the end of the operations, the sink automatically drains the water. On the right side of the sink, we also have a series of preset programs which refer to the cleaning of certain products. In addition to the three main washing methods, we also find the possibility of connecting through smartphone, with the application Mijia.

Currently Xiaomi Mensarjor Sink Washing Machine is for sale on YouPin at a price of 1999 yuan, so about 254 euros at current exchange rate. In case you want to buy, however, also the Touchez, you should pay a sum equal to 2498 yuan, about 318 euros at the exchange rate. This last figure also includes the cost of the installation. from China the expeditions should start on September 14th.

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