Xiaomi MI 9S is coming! Guess the difference?

by Kelvin
Xiaomi MI 9S could arrive tomorrow! Guess the difference?

The smartphones Chinese are a thing of the past. Manufacturers from this country develop quality equipment that in some cases even surpass devices from other countries. In this field we immediately recognize the already global Huawei and also Xiaomi. In fact, Xiaomi is the Chinese brand after Huawei that seems to have the biggest fan connection. That said, it is normal that the focus on new technologies and features is increasing. Perhaps this is the explanation for Xiaomi to launch tomorrow the new Xiaomi Mi 9S.

Xiaomi MI 9S could arrive tomorrow! Guess the difference?

Xiaomi was among the first manufacturers to launch a 5G smartphone. We speak in concrete of the Mi MIX 3 5G. However, it did not generate much demand. Now things can change tomorrow with the Xiaomi Mi 9 5G. This version has passed and has been approved by TENAA.


According to the leaks, the Xiaomi Mi 9 5G will then be called Mi 9 S. Overall Xiaomi expects to sell 300,000 units. Whether or not only time will tell.

Xiaomi MI 9S is coming! Guess the difference? 2

Overall the Xiaomi Mi 9 5G will bet on the same 6.39 inch screen. However, bet on the Snapdragon 855 chipset and SDX50M modem that supports 5G and 4G. However, the battery capacity has increased to 4000mAh. At the thickness level we have 8.95mm.

However there is another big news that will not be presented tomorrow but on September 17th. We talk about charging technology.

Xiaomi prepares to revolutionize charging technology!

Mi Charge Turbo is a wireless charging technology developed for the 5G era, according to the company. Right away you will ensure an improved overall speed. Xiaomi even risks saying it will revolutionize the future of wireless charging technology. If they say so, we believe it.

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Today, Xiaomi's wireless charging technology peaks at 20W, while wired charging peaks at 27W. Now, it seems that the company has narrowed this gap and is ready to launch a new system for smartphones 5G.

Although the company introduced 20W wireless charging technology on the Mi 9 smartphone, it has not yet appeared on another smartphone from this Chinese company.

It remains to be seen how fast the next Mi Charge Turbo technology will support. However, it will definitely be faster than 20W. It would be a remarkable achievement if it went beyond Huawei's FCC-certified 30W wireless charger last month that should power the next Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Ensure a faster charging system for smartphones 5G makes sense since this technology consumes more battery power. We hope the company's next high-end smartphone – the Mi MIX 4 – will be powered by this new Mi Charge Turbo wireless charging.

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