Xiaomi Mi A3 with Android One and Redmi 7A are Anatel Approved

by Kelvin

O Xiaomi Mi A3 it's the Redmi 7A received the approval of the Anatel for an official release in Brazil; distributor DL ​​Electronics said the two phones will be sold from September. Mi A3 has a triple 48 megapixel camera and participates in the Android One program; while the Redmi 7A is a basic smartphone that features 4,000 mAh battery.

Xiaomi Mi A3


Xiaomi Mi A3

Cesar Cardoso, from Mobile Penguins, found that both phones were approved this week; Both had the certificate issued by Anatel on August 27. The Xiaomi Mi A3 has code M1906F9SH, while Redmi 7A is identified as M1903C3EH.

Anatel confirms that both devices are compatible with the Brazilian 4G band 28 (700 MHz). This is the frequency released by turning off the analog TV, which provides the strongest signal indoors.

Xiaomi Mi A3 at Anatel

The Xiaomi Mi A3 was announced in July: It has Snapdragon 665 processor, 1830 fast charging 4.030 mAh battery, and 6.088 inch AMOLED display with HD + resolution.

At the rear, you'll find Sony's 48-megapixel main-sensor triple camera. Mi A3 participates in the Android One program to receive two version updates guaranteed by Google. In Brazil, only Motorola has Android One devices.

The Redmi 7A, in turn, is a basic smartphone: it has a Snapdragon 439 processor, up to 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, and a 5.45 inch HD + screen. You will also find a 4,000 mAh battery with 10 W charging and a P2i internal splash coating.

Redmi 7A

Redmi 7A

Xiaomi Mi A3 can be launched for R $ 2,499 in Brazil

DL has promised that the Xiaomi Mi A3 and Redmi 7A will be released in the first week of September. They will accompany the newcomer Xiaomi Mi 9T with retractable front camera, which costs $ 3,499 in Brazil and € 329 in Europe.

O Tecnoblog did the math and found that DL products cost, on average, the values ​​practiced by Xiaomi in Europe converted at a rate of $ 10 / euro. It can be a little more (as in the case of Mi 9T) or a little less, depending on the device.

Therefore, we estimate that the Xiaomi Mi A3 will cost around R $ 2,499 in Brazil, version 4 + 64 GB; while the Redmi 7A can come out for $ 1,199 in version 2 + 32 GB. They cost € 249 and € 119 in Europe respectively.