Xiaomi ‘Mi MIX 4’ will arrive with 108 MP and probably under another name

by Kelvin
Xiaomi ‘Mi MIX 4’ will arrive with 108 MP and probably under another name 1

The Mi MIX line of Xiaomi has been the champion of innovation in the manufacturer for a few years. But nevertheless, the MIX family, which advanced the almost all screen when the frames were still taken and not even outlined notch, it may also be near its end, following the steps to the recently escaped Poco – whose only terminal was relieved by the Mi 9T Pro.

The Mi MIX 3 was presented last October, so it would already be close to a renovation. According to the latest leaks, I will be the My Mix 4 the one that would take for the first time in the history of telephony a sensor superior in resolution to 100 megapixels. I would do it, with the recently announced 108 MP sensor that Samsung manufactures.


The great feature of this sensor is its size. Compared to the current half-inch sensors of 48 MP – or 1/2 ", as it is shown – this next sensor would be much larger, with a size of 1 / 1.33. Or what is the same, 0 , 75 "diagonal. Although it is a 50% increase in its dimensions, this would also result in a 125% higher surface, with the improvements in light collection that this entails.

Outside the MIX brand?

But the next mobile of the line could arrive outside the MIX brand, perhaps due to problems with the exploitation of it in his homeland. This is one of the best known voices in the Xiaomi scene from China.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 sliding screen

This movement would not be far-fetched either, since as we mentioned in its Xiaomi analysis, the Mi Mix 3 remained without its clear identifier of the first two great generations: the whole screen. As my partner Nico stated in the analysis, total immersion has reached virtually all available manufacturers and models.

The other features that appear from China are expected for this product. Given that the Snapdragon 865 will not be presented predictably until next December, it will arrive with the recently vitaminized Snapdragon 855+.

To this would be added memory options of up to 12 GB for RAM or 1 TB in terms of capacity – which would be of the latest UFS 3.0 standard -, a 2K resolution screen and also a large battery up to 4,500 mAh with fast charging up to 45 W, similar to recent Galaxy Note 10+

In your wireless charging would level up from the current 20 W that we see in the Xiaomi Mi 9, to some more powerful and also interesting in general terms against other charging systems. As a comparison, OnePlus 7 Pro itself – which is also about to be renewed – has the same load capacity through the cable.

It is also expected that this great smartphone from Xiaomi I arrived with a four camera system at its rear, complete the main offer of its huge resolution sensor. Finally, Xiaomi is also expected to present a renewed version of its own software, MIUI 11 –Of which the list of smartphones to update–, which continues to attract consumers to the environment in which it can continue to make money once the terminal is purchased.

What you don't have more details is one more than possible 5G version, which did arrive with the last version, and is already one of the first terminals available at least in Spain with this connectivity and through the main operators.

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