Xiaomi Mi MIX 5G and Mi 9 Pro 5G already has a date of …


This weekend it was commented that Xiaomi will leave us this month with two 5G phones, as we said before. Now it is confirmed that both phones will have 5G, because the Chinese brand has Announced the official presentation of Mi MIX 5G and Mi 9 Pro 5G. A presentation reported last week.

This is an event held later this month., something that was also recently rumored. So, in a week we can discover everything about Xiaomi Mi MIX 5G and Mi 9 Pro 5G officially. An event that will undoubtedly make headlines.

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Xiaomi confirmed this on September 24 My MIX 5G and Mi 9 Pro 5G will be officially unveiled. A week of waiting to meet two new high-end mobile phones from the Chinese brand, which also came with 5G in both cases, is undoubtedly an important aspect of this new high-end.

In these two models there have been several leaks so far. What we know is that Mi 9 Pro 5G will arrive with New fast wireless charging Chinese brand called My Charge Turbo, which we talked about in its presentation this month. One of the main functions of this phone.

The rest, in the next few days there will be a lot Leak in the two new high-end Xiaomi Little by little helped us get an idea of ​​what the company would leave with these two phones. Furthermore, it is speculated that MIUI 11 will also be featured at the event.

Two new models, that expands the already excellent Xiaomi catalog. In this way, the Chinese brand continues to be one of the most active, with more and more mobile phones on the market. In a week we will know everything and we will tell you everything about the two new high-end ones.

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