Xiaomi, OPPO and I live together to allow AirDrop-style file sharing

by Kelvin

The public beta of the function will be released in late August, according to forecasts

If you have already used the service AirDrop of Apple you will have realized the amazing simplicity of use is immediacy application. Such a thing in the world Android, is made impossible byincompatibility among the various producers who are more concerned about making their devices interconnected (eg Huawei Share OneHop) rather than opening up to others.

In China they probably don't think so anymore because, with a surprise move, three companies of primary importance like Xiaomi, OPPO is I live – who own about the 50% of the market locally – they decided to create alliance that includes the use of one same standard for the direct sharing of files between devices of one brand to another, with speeds up to 20 Mbps.


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The advantage of this alliance is that there is no need for any app of third parts. Smartphones are natively connected by the parent company, and the method will be simple (One-click) fast (20 Mbps), efficient is open to all types of files, from documents, to photos, to videos. We hope this will also attract the attention of other more popular brands in Europe, so that Android can one day offer one Valid alternative to AirDrop.

Via: Gizmochina

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