Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. Together to improve file transfer

by Kelvin
Xiaomi, Oppo y Vivo. Juntos para mejorar la transferencia de archivos

The competition in the telephony market is not small. In recent years, we have seen how some of the leading Chinese brands have gone on the international market, jeopardizing the sales of the largest manufacturers globally. The three main examples are undoubtedly Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. Well, even though these three companies compete with each other, they have been able to leave those disputes aside, since they have made a joint announcement which could greatly benefit all Android users.

When we want to transfer a file from one phone to another, we have many options on Android, but many users just send them by WhatsApp / Telegram, by USB or by Bluetooth. What is the problem? Internet transfers of large files require high-speed connections To avoid waiting for hours. By USB, we need a computer to be able to do it. We don't even talk about Bluetooth better, because the speeds have lagged far behind our demands. There are other alternatives, such as WiFi Direct, but very few users know. Now Xiaomi, Oppo and VIvo want to change that.


This alliance promises a speed of 20 MB / s for file sharing

We assume that the system that these three major manufacturers are developing will not be integrated into the system, but will be an application (probably pre-installed in all their models. In addition, this alliance It will directly affect your submarines, such as Redmi or Realme, with which they share personalization layer. We do not know too many details about this system, but they have communicated some details so that we begin to know how it will work and what benefits it will have compared to other options in the current market.

First let's start with what we find most interesting about this service: its transfer speed. According They have shown us, it will reach a speed of 20 MB / s. We assume that it is upload and download speed, because in the end we are transferring files from one device to another without the need for an Internet connection. To do this, they probably benefit from the Wi-Fi connection, such as WiFi Direct, but with almost 4 times faster speed. If you use Mi Drop, you will know that the speed is quite good, although this increase will be noticeable in any case.

As we can see, it will support multiple file formats and will require Bluetooth to perform pairing between devices. Is the first step that these brands have taken to offer something similar to AirDrop (although in need of an app), something we have been wanting to see on Android for years and that some brands like Huawei have tried to imitate. That said, we are eager to try this service, because if it gets popular, it can greatly improve the transfer of files (large and small) between devices.

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. Together to improve file transfer 2