Xiaomi phones will automatically transcribe your calls

by Kelvin
Miui 11

Xiaomi phones have all kinds of interesting and very practical functions thanks to the personalization layer of the brand, MIUI. The Chinese brand is already working on the update to MIUI 11 although most of the functions it will include are still unknown until it is officially launched. However, a leak today teaches us that Xiaomi phones will transcribe calls what we do.


Xiaomi will use Artificial Intelligence to transcribe the conversations of a call into text. This will be especially useful for meetings, for interviews or for any case in which you need to record or take notes of what you have spoken on the phone. It is a function that has appeared as “Inter-Finger call” and we see in the screenshot that the text will appear in the calling interface automatically as the other person speaks. You will not have to use any third-party application or activate anything because it will be automatic.

As Movilzona's colleagues collect, the option will be integrated in the call slider and you can activate it in full conference or activate it before receiving a call. Although at the moment there are not many details.


As they explain from the aforementioned medium, we do not know more about the new function of MIUI 11 but it is expected to be part of the new functions of XiaoAI, the Xiaomi virtual assistant that only works in China and that we do not know if it will reach more countries in the next months or we will have to keep waiting. Could be a competitor at the height of Bixby or Siri if he arrives in Spain.

Answering machine

According to XiaomiAdictos, the MIUi 11 voice assistant will also be able to answer calls automatically. There will be an automatic response from the assistant when we receive a phone call. You will be able to recognize and identify the call and answer. Something very useful in case we are driving, in a meeting or in any place where we can not answer the phone but we want to warn that we are well and we will call later.

Xiaomi phones will automatically transcribe your calls 2

For now this answering machine is only in Chinese but is expected to reach more languages once MIUi 11 is official and spread to all phones. We will see when it arrives and what will be other of its novelties.

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