Xiaomi prepares a mobile phone with solar panels

by Kelvin
Xiaomi prepares a mobile phone with solar panels

Xiaomi prepares a mobile phone with solar panels 2

Less than 15 years ago, the battery of a ‘dumbphone’ from 2005 backwards could last us days, even more than a week without having to charge it. But once the iPhone began the smartphone era, the screens and functions of the phones grew at the same time that their autonomy decreased, it plummeted. And today, weird is the mobile that should not be charged after a day of use, one of the aspects that year after year remains unsolved. Although the new Xiaomi could change the rules.

A Xiaomi solar mobile

Also seeking to solve another of the problems of the sector at present, the massification and lack of news of weight that oscillate the opinion of the users on either side, Xiaomi could kill 2 birds of 1 shot with its new proposal: A solar smartphone Just like the web Let’s Go Digital has revealed, the popular Chinese brand – it was the first to settle in Spain with several physical stores – registered in July 2018 a patent that we met a year later, and that shows a terminal equipped with solar panel, a unique, innovative design and that would solve both the issue of autonomy.


Registered in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) under the name of “Full screen smartphone with solar panel”, The Xiaomi phone is apparently similar to the latest current market trend: we have an infinite screen terminal with physical buttons on the sides and without ‘notch’ or top tab. At first glance you can't see the front camera, which could be hidden in a module inside the mobile body or be a camera implemented under the screen itself, the latter a technology that Xiaomi itself knows and has already presented.

The patent registered by Xiaomi of your solar mobile

Xiaomi Solar Panel

When we turn it around we see a dual rear camera in the upper right corner with an LED flash between the sensors. The absence of a physical fingerprint reader suggests a biometric system of facial scanning and / or ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the screen. But surely the novelty is the solar panel that dominates 3/4 of the rear part, a board that promises to provide a constant charging system to the terminal without plugging it into a normal electric charger.

Of course there are many unknowns that we would like to clear. How is the load ratio using Solar mode? Do youHow many hours would it take to recharge the enter battery?to? Which the volume of heat that the solar panel generates? How does this affect the terminal? It seems that Xiaomi is currently undergoing tests, but it seems clear that if they achieve an effective load and temperature ratio, solar panels could be an element to consider for mobile futures.

As we read on the Movilzona website, this Xiaomi does not it would be the first mobile in history that would carry solar panels. And it is that a decade ago we saw the Samsung Blue Earth Y the LG GD510, two completely forgotten phones today that made history by mounting solar panels. Although given the low efficiency of these mini-plates, they barely gave these two mobiles minutes of autonomy. And also even a iPhone X solar, courtesy of the extravagant designs of the Caviar Russians and that worth more than 4,000 euros.

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