Xiaomi prepares a revolutionary wireless charging

by Kelvin
Xiaomi prepares a revolutionary wireless charging

Xiaomi prepares a revolutionary wireless charging

It matters little that a mobile has extreme power, that its screen is huge or that it offers the maximum resolution: sure that its consumption It is shorter than we need. Even if you have a large battery: the consumption of smartphones it is so voracious that it is enough to need the load so that it disappears; Hence, having a fast charge is a positive thing, especially if it is done without cables.

Do you usually use the wireless charging? In our opinion it is one of the elements that manage to change the use made of a smartphone. Yes, plugging the cable has no complications, but it is much more convenient to put the phone on a base so that load instantly. It is not surprising that this type of load is increasingly common, even in brands such as Xiaomi.


The Chinese manufacturer has been investigating the improvement of loading systems for a long time, mainly in the reduction of time. Both with cable (it has a 100 W system pending) and with wireless charging: it currently offers a 20 W Qi charger for the Xiaomi Mi 9. And do not think it is too much since this technology could be outdated thanks to the own Xiaomi.

Xiaomi will present on September 9 a faster wireless charging technology than charging with cable

Green, cable charging speed; orange, wireless charging speed

The progress does not have excessive details, so we cannot expand on the technical capabilities. Yes that arouses our interest: as we have shown in Weibo, the researchers of Xiaomi would have got a wireless charge for smartphones what would exceed the cable recharge speed. That is what the event announcement senses.

In terms of charging it is not uncommon for wireless to get ahead of wired charging: many smartphones go to market with 10 W chargers (iPhone with a 5 W charger); So a fast charging system Qi like the current Xiaomi for the Mi 9, which offers 20 W, is faster than many chargers. Of course, the announcement reveals a remarkable improvement in the ability to recharge without cables: taking into account that Huawei has a 30 W system (It will be compatible with the Mate 30 Pro), the most logical thing is that Xiaomi has exceeded that amount.

While it is good news that mobile phones recharge faster and faster, we must remember that Speed ​​accelerates battery degradation: Since more heat is produced, the cells end up losing load capacity. And this is more noticeable in the case of wireless charging since the mobile heats up to a greater extent. So, will it be worth reviving Xiaomi so fast using super fast wireless charging? We will have to wait until September 9 to know.

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