Xiaomi promises Android Pie for Mi 6X and Redmi Note 5, 6 Pro and S2 – beta is open

by Kelvin
Xiaomi promete Android Pie para o Mi 6X e os Redmi Note 5, 6 Pro e S2 - beta está aberto

THE Xiaomi announced that it is bringing the latest version of Android for four more of its handsets in the first quarter of 2019. The Mi 6X, The Redmi Note 5th, The Redmi 6 Pro it's the Redmi s2 will receive the Android 9 Pie soon, and the manufacturer has also begun testing with the internal beta for the system, which interested users can participate.

Android updates for Xiaomi devices can sometimes take a little longer than competitors because of the amount of changes the company makes to MIUI, above the system, as the folks at XDA-Developers explain. The company's top-of-the-range handsets, such as the Mi 8, are often a priority, as with most manufacturers. But others smartphones More affordable and popular features have also been updated, such as the Mi A2.


Registration to participate in the beta It is available online at the official MIUI website. Stakeholders, however, need to keep two things in mind: First, the beta phase of system development is the testing phase, so it is normal for bugs and problems, which testers report to be fixed by then. final release for everyone. The second is that registration page It's all in Chinese.

Source: XDA-Developers