Xiaomi renewed her Business Travel backpack. Now with better features and finishes.

by Kelvin
Xiaomi renewed her Business Travel backpack. Now with better features and finishes.

With arrival smartphones, light weight and size tablets and laptops need have a backpack to be able carry our favorite gadget The practical has become a necessity. Therefore, as usual in Xiaomi, Chinese companies have a variety of backpacks, which are now being updated with the famous ones. Business travel backpack.

New Xiaomi 2 Business Travel Backpack It came as a successor to the previous generation combining new materials, thereby increasing performance and performance. Specifically we are talking about backpacks with sizes. 325x180x445mm, trusting a lot 0.93Kg (13% lighter than the previous generation). In addition, the outer material is also total. raincoat.

Β Β 

This new generation from 21 liters capacity to 26 liters, it provides two main compartments: one of them with a size suitable for bring a 15.6-inch laptop and external for tablets up to 10 inches, magazines, notebooks, etc. At the top we find a small compartment where we can Securely store our passports, boarding passes, money. etc..

Your angle opening 180ΒΊ, in this way it is possible to access the interior with greater ease and introduce large elements in a much more comfortable way. Equally The arch design guarantees greater comfort in contact with our backs., thus reducing shoulder pressure.

Price and availability.

This new price Xiaomi 2 Business Travel Backpack it's just that 199 yuana few € 26 change In the same way, for now it will only be ready for sale in China, although we will probably see it in the near future in China My official Xiaomi store internationally.

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