Xiaomi renews its famous anti-stress hub with new materials and colors

by Kelvin
Xiaomi renews its famous anti-stress hub with new materials and colors

Among the wide catalog of products that Xiaomi has, there is one of them capable of relieving anxiety and stress in general. Specifically, we talk about your success My Fidget Cube, a small gadget that has now been renovated with New Materials that will arrive in a new "surprise wrapper".

It has been throughout the morning when the Chinese company has announced this renewal of its anti-stress hub, 4 new models that beyond using plastic as the main manufacturing element, combines new metal and ceramic finishes.


A new bet that will allow us to combine with each other, that is, use plastic, metal or ceramic pieces in the same block, experience various sensations to the touch thanks to its finished care. In addition, new color options have been added, allowing you to combine until you reach the ideal color that you like for each moment.

As Xiaomi promotes, we can combine red pieces in those moments where we need to feel younger, in black to achieve a higher level of calm or in blue to relieve stress and improve mood.

Also, this new anti-stress bucket will be sold in a new “surprise wrapper”, so Each pack we buy will be totally different from the previous one, combining pieces of different colors and finishes. A new way to achieve greater interaction with the product in order to achieve its objective, to relieve our stress and anxiety.

Price and availability

This new Xiaomi Mi Fidget Cube is already on sale in China and as we said it can be purchased at individual packs Not knowing what colors and materials are inside. Its price is only 9.9 yuanabout 1.26 euros to change ($ 2).

Source | Weibo