Xiaomi says criticism of Redmi K20 (Mi 9T) was an organized attack

by Kelvin
Xiaomi says criticism of Redmi K20 (Mi 9T) was an organized attack

The statement comes from Xiaomi itself and was shared by the 91mobiles website. The company claims that many of the criticisms pointed out after the price of the Redmi K20 (Mi 9T in Portugal) were defamation.

In what is seen as an organized attack, company numbers are shared that testify to the number of fake accounts that have criticized the price of the device. Many of these were created in July 2019 – the month of launch of the terminal.

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Xiaomi's defamation complaints

  • 900+ bots will have tweeted about the Redmi K20 being too expensive;
  • 607 accounts that tweeted about the smartphone being too expensive no longer exist or have been deleted;
  • 487 of these accounts were created in July 2019 – K20 release month;
  • 137 of these accounts tweeted over 100 times a day.

Users do not agree with Xiaomi complaints

Judging by the comments on this post, users do not seem to agree with the complaints. One comment reads β€œThis is a fact. Don't make up stories, or you can classify me too as a bot"

These complaints were made in India where the device is considered expensive by the users. In the same publication, Xiaomi is accused of making excuses, rather than lowering the price of the device.

The truth is that although these numbers are correct, users say that Xiaomi should also talk about the actual users who criticize the price of the device in the country.

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