Xiaomi says they know why the Nest device shows images of strangers

by Kelvin

One day, a scandal of smart home devices. This time, it's not about Ring or Wyze, but about Xiaomi. And Google intervenes to help resolve a security incident. This is all you need to know.

What happened

Google recently stopped Xiaomi device access to its Nest Hub Y Google Assistant. He announced this decision after the Xiaomi camera owner reported seeing an unknown photo, possibly of another user's Xiaomi camera, shown in his Nest Hub tool This problem, first reported on Reddit and discovered by Android Police, has been confirmed by Google. He said he was related to Xiaomi to improve.


In October 2019, Google's Nest announced a device access program, but with some restrictions on where third-party devices can work with Nest devices. There are only a few dozen cameras that support the Nest screen, for example. So, to help limit the impact of this security incident, Google has taken a prudent route, cutting Xiaomi's access to solve the problem.

"We are deactivating Xiaomi integration in our device," Google said, and did not provide information on when or if access would be restored.

Who is wrong

Reddit Dio-V users recently claimed that their new Xiaomi Mijia 1080p Smart IP security camera began randomly transmitting still images to their Google Nest Hub show, and that these images seem to come from the homes of other users.

Reddit users even told La Verge that they saw pictures of the terrace, someone sleeping in a chair and a baby in the crib.

In a statement to Pocket-lint, Xiaomi attributed this problem to the "cache update" of December 26, which was intended to improve the quality of transmission cameras. He also claimed to have solved the problem, noting that it only happened in "very rare conditions."

In the case of Reddit users, Xiaomi said it was definitely happening "during the integration between the Mi Home Security Basic 1080p camera and Google Home Hub with a bad network screen ".

He also said that the problem would not occur "if the camera were connected to the Xiaomi Mi Home application." However, the Xiaomi-Nest integration is not available to all users until "the root cause has been completely resolved," according to Xiaomi.

What you have to do

If you have a Xiaomi camera, you may consider turning it off and disconnecting it from your Wi-Fi network, smart home system and Nest devices until Xiaomi speaks and finally repairs. We will continue publishing as we learn more.

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