Xiaomi sells strange folding fans with moisturizers that you can store and use anywhere

by Kelvin

One day Xiaomi surprised us again with one of its most curious, but most importantly, products on Youpin. This time it was a new fan, who in addition to combining the moisturizer at his base, was able fold for storage.

In detail, this new fan reached the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform under the brand EDON. The structure is made of heavy duty ABS plastic, has only folded dimensions 252x140mm and heavy 1,530 grams.


Among the most remarkable features, we find a telescopic sleeve that enables the orientation of 7 blades up to 935mm above the ground. It also allows us to adjust various heights, and the fan orientation itself at an angle of up to 180 degrees.

In addition to performing fan functions, at basically adds practicality moisturizer able to regulate relative humidity of air. Thanks to this, humidity can increase during summer and dry days.

The rest of this striking fan has a lot of battery 8,000mAh able to give a autonomy for up to 15 hours depending on how it is used and small remote control from which we can activate the operation or even program its use.

Price and availability

New fan price only 349 yuan, about 46 euros to change if we buy your version without the moisturizer. By contrast, the full version is 399 yuan, about 52 euros.

More information at: Youpin

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