Xiaomi stops releasing MIUI 10 betas this month

by Kelvin

Xiaomi prepares to launch MIUI 11 shortly, it is expected to arrive in September according to the new information. This could be true, since the Chinese brand is preparing to stop launching MIUI 10 betas. A clear symptom that the new version of its customization layer is already very close to reaching the market.


The MIUI 10 betas end this August, as has been known. From this month they will not be launched anymore. So it seems clear that Xiaomi focuses in this way on its next version, which should soon reach the market.

As it has been known, it is version 9.8.29 of MIUI 10, it will be the last edition to be launched in the beta program. Xiaomi will not launch any more beta in this case. As of August 31 this program ends, so that everything shows that the company is focused and prepares for the arrival of MIUI 11.

Xiaomi stops releasing MIUI 10 betas this month 2

The company works in many changes to your new customization layer. One of them will be the reduction of the ads, which is something that has generated many controversies these months in the market. So it will be a change that many receive with open arms.

MIUI 10 has already been an important step for the brand. Although these months has left us with many changes, such as when they announced that they stopped launching global betas from their personalization layer. Only betas are launched in China now, while users in the rest of the world have to wait for the stable version.

Presumably they will follow this same policy with their new version. It would be weird if they did it only with MIUI 10, when it was less than two months before its new version arrived. But in any case, these weeks we will know everything, since in September we should know this new version officially.

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