Xiaomi Wemax Smart DMD Projector Comments: Loaded with extraordinary features


Asian manufacturers continue to expand the range of solutions. We recently talked about the Xiaomi WEMAX A3000 projector, a truly solvent device, although it can be reached by several pockets. Now, it is the turn of a new product that has a much more competitive price. We are talking about the Xiaomi Wemax Smart DMD projector, a new portable mini projector from the brand to revolutionize the market.

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The Wemax Smart DMD projector is a more compact projector compared to several generations of Xiaomi projectors. This projector comes with dimensions. 15.5 * * 12.5 * * 16.0cm and weighs only 3.35kg. With this in mind, the projector can work perfectly with a full-size backpack and can be transported without obstacles from one place to another without pressure.

At the bottom of the projector, we should be able to take on a new project. We should see that in the past released by brands. However, this projector has a high hardware configuration for indoor and outdoor use, for watching movies, playing games or listening to music. This amazing projector will really help you. But first, notice that already HDMI output and USB port, so we can play movies directly where we want, in addition to the audio output to connect speakers or a sound bar. Although its size is measured, it integrates a the 16,000 mAh battery, more than enough to play two movies smoothly.

FEATURES OF THE NEW Wemax Smart DMD Projector

Speaking of hardware, the new Wemax Smart DMD projector integrates the Amlogic T968-H processor. Order more than a solvent solution to keep your entire system running smoothly, even when playing content directly from a USB device. Following the technical characteristics of this Wemax Smart DMD projector. He said he had an LED lamp with Ostram LED technology. The result? Get 85% more quality in NTSC color standards compared to traditional LED lights.

Xiaomi Wemax Smart DMD Projector Comments: Loaded with extraordinary features 2

Thanks to this system, the new Xiaomi mini projector can project images with a diagonal of 80 inches at a distance of 2 meters 2.5 meters if you want 100 inches

The Wemax Smart DMD projector has a 1.2: 1 throw ratio. It can also be easily pulled. 40-200 inch display screen adjusting the distance. This can bring the SUPER experience version, watching movies, shows, playing games, watching "Starry sky"Everywhere" great view. "

It should be said 550 ANSI lumens, Therefore, the image quality will be very high whenever we are in a dark room or in a dark environment. An extraordinary screen for an account is a device equipped with a projection angle of 45 degrees, so that we can adjust it to the position that suits us best.

Xiaomi Wemax Smart DMD Projector Comments: Loaded with extraordinary features 3

In addition, the function of the Wemax Smart DMD projector 1920 x 1080 Full HD (1080P) resolution and auto focus. Compared to traditional LED projectors, it has patented 4-Channel technology that increases brightness by more than 20% and a wider color gamut for a more realistic experience.

And what about the sound system? I have Supports DTS HD and Dolby Audio , to offer a fair solution through integrated speakers on the side. Chinese manufacturers do not leave loose solutions. For this reason the new mini projector comes integrated MIUI TV, operating system used in smart televisions. And not only that, the system also includes artificial intelligence. The MIUI TV operating system includes a large number of video resources for Xiaomi videos. Smart patches can recommend custom content according to user viewing habits, which can fully match laptop, USB flash drive, TV box and so on. The projector has a lifespan of 30,000 hours + lifespan. That means use up to 17 years if the projector is used for 6 hours every day

Xiaomi Wemax Smart DMD Projector Comments: Loaded with extraordinary features 4

Key features

  • 3D serves for deep and strong feelings
  • Incorporated Harman Kardon stereo speakers for superior sound quality
  • 1080P native resolution for viewing Full HD images
  • Supports up to 4K Ultra HD image display
  • autofocus function to display clear images
  • 550 ANSI lumens brightness for full color
  • A maximum projection size of 200 inches for a home theater
  • Motion compensation for stable and dynamic image display
  • Automatic electric lens for easy use and avoid scratches.
  • 1.2: 1 projections for larger projections over a relatively short distance
  • Automatic keystone correction for convenient setups
  • 2 .4GHz + 5GHz dual-frequency Wi-Fi for stable streaming and smooth gaming

Where to buy Wemax Smart DMD Projector ????

The Wemax Smart DMD projector is currently available at Banggood at the best price you can imagine. You can get it for just $ 599.99 and it depends on the shipping option you choose.