Xiaomi will continue to improve the camera


03 Xiaomi Over the years it has become one of the most powerful companies in the sector. smartphones Thanks to the impressive evolution that has revolutionized the market and caused the decline of other brands. Of course Nokia or Motorola will appreciate that Xiaomi has never existed, and that is quality – price ratio Her cell phone is brutal.

However, not everything can be perfect for Chinese companies. Xiaomi phones almost always ensure a good performance, something that we have verified with the new Mi A3 that we are testing, but the camera used to be the weakest point. Of course, we talked a few years ago, because the Asian giant decided to bet enhanced photography integrating a camera that is extraordinary in their cell phones. Well, it seems that Xiaomi will continue to improve in that regard with an opening New research center located in Europe.


Xiaomi moved to Europe to fix the camera

The photography system is one of the highlights of the Xiaomi Mi A3 that comes with occasional glitches, and that's one from a Chinese company This has dramatically improved the quality of the camera to reach an unimaginable point a few years ago. It should be noted that Xiaomi collaborated with Nokia for several years, something that allowed them to improve their lenses until they achieved good results. And since everything seems to be going well, it has now been confirmed that Chinese companies will open a new research center in Europe dedicated specifically to improving cameras.

By Xiaomi, they know that the camera is one of the main aspects of every smartphone. We live in a society where social networks are our daily food and where photography is almost an obligation. Most young people spend pleasant days with several people. smartphones it has two, three and up to four cameras on the front and rear sensors that can reach 32 MP. That is why Xiaomi wants to invest to create a new research center that will open in the city. Tampere (Finland).

The company Lei Jun wants to stay in Finland to make the most of a strategy that works well for them. We just have to see a terminal like Redmi Note 7Mi A3 or Mi 9 to verify the quality of some photos that will continue to improve over the years. The next step is optical zoom.