Xiaomi will launch the powerful Redmi K20 Pro with Snapdragon 855 Plus

by Kelvin
snapdragon 855 plus

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus has a lot to talk about in 2019. Why Because it is a very powerful processor with everything you need so you can enjoy the game or application you want. Furthermore, it has been revealed that Xiaomi will launch the Redmi K20 Pro with Snapdragon 855 Plus. Keep reading and find every detail!

Through its Weibo profile, Redmi announced the new exclusive edition of Redmi K20 Pro. Sera Powered by Snapdragon 855 Plus, not Snapdragon 855, like the original model. Without a doubt, it is a feature that Android users really like.


Snapdragon 855 Plus, processor of the exclusive edition of Redmi K20 Pro

The launch of new and exclusive mobile phones will take place in China on September 19. It seems the only big news is the processor, but you still have to wait for the company's official announcement to confirm it.

It has not been revealed if it will have an increase in RAM or storageEspecially if it can come with 5G connectivity. Thanks to this, we are almost sure that the specifications will be similar to those of the original K20 Pro, which came to Spain under the name of the Mi 9T Pro.

Xiaomi will launch the powerful Redmi K20 Pro with Snapdragon 855 Plus 2

The phones will be unveiled just before the big Xiaomi event It will take place later this month. If you don't know, on September 24, Chinese companies will introduce Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro and Mi Mix 4 to the entire planet Earth.

Exclusive edition of k20 pro

Snapdragon 855 Plus is the processor that all companies want Use it on your device. OnePlus, for example, has just announced that it will launch two phones with this chipset. Furthermore, we are sure that other brands will also use Snapdragon 855 Plus to make them smartphones They can offer a high quality Android experience.

And you Do you want to have an exclusive edition of Redmi K20 Pro?

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