Xiaomi's product director hints that the launch of MIUI 11 is just around the corner

by Kelvin

Xiaomi's Chinese smartphone maker is currently developing the next version of its Android user interface, which will be called MIUI 11. Recently, the product manager and design director of MIUI shared some of the features that we can expect from the upcoming MIUI. eleven.


Now, Xiaomi's product director and experienced leader at MIUI has hinted that the launch of MIUI 11 is just around the corner. The company said that MIUI 11 is positioned as a “new unique OS”, and along with new features, it will also solve advertising problems.

Earlier, the company announced that it would optimize and track advertising on the MIUI platform. The company has already begun to reduce the number of ad slots and will reduce the number of ad slots in the coming months.

Xiaomi is also going to introduce a simple switch in the MIUI system tools to disable ads. So, in the next couple of months, Xiaomi seeks to provide a lighter and fresher MIUI, which is likely to happen with MIUI 11.

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The upcoming user interface will introduce a new set of system icons that have been redesigned from scratch. New icons will also have a unified design. Another feature of MIUI is the maximum power saving mode, in which all system functions are disabled, except for calls and messages.

In this mode, all colors will be turned off, and the user interface will switch to monochrome mode to save energy. Users will also be able to configure this power saving mode if they want a specific application to continue to work.

In addition, MIUI 11 also automatically removes screenshots after they have been transferred to others. The status bar will also be optimized, and other applications will support the phone’s built-in dark mode.

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