Yes, Google can listen to some conversations with your virtual assistant

by Kelvin
Yes, Google can listen to some conversations with your virtual assistant

Yes, Google can listen to some conversations with your virtual assistant 2

This Friday was "confirmed" a news that many users of technology equipment feared: Google can listen to some of your conversations through Android phones and Google Home devices.

This news was revealed by the Belgian media VRT NEWS, thanks to a leak from an employee of the company.


According to the publication, there are specialized Google employees who can listen to the recordings made with the smart speakers of Google Home.

An audio collection practice, without the user's knowledge, that would also be available with the Google assistant on cell phones with Android.

According to the publication, these specialists are responsible for listening to the audios and recording them, including data such as the name and age of the users.

Meanwhile, these recordings would not only be limited to Europe but would be made worldwide.

What does Google say?

In this regard, the company said its objective with this system is simply to improve its search engine and virtual assistant.

“Our language experts only check around the 0.2% of all audio fragments. These are not associated with user accounts, and reviewers do not transcribe background conversations, or other noises, but only code snippets aimed at Google, ”explained the company.

About the leak, the company said in its official blog: “We learned that one of these language reviewers violated data security policies by filtering confidential information. Our response protocols have already been activated, we are investigating and will take action. We are completely reviewing our actions in this area to prevent undue behavior from happening again. ”

Finally, they noted that these procedures are part of their work "to develop speech technology for more languages, We partner with experts from around the world to understand the nuances and accents of a specific language. These experts review and transcribe a small set of queries to help us better understand those languages. This is a critical part of the process of creating voice technology, and it is necessary to create products such as Google Assistant, ”they said.

Finally, they also clarified that the Google Assistant only sends audio data to the servers after listening to the command: "Ok, Google."

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