Yoga and Fitness Apps in case you don't want to join the Gym

by Kelvin
Yoga and Fitness Apps in case you don't want to join the Gym

Yoga and Fitness Apps in case you don't want to join the Gym 2

We made the promise in New Year. Then we recover it before Easter to get fit before summer but we just leave it the same. And there are a million reasons to get in and out of the gym, but if you left before starting the vacation and would like to come back but you still don't feel like it, you can always recover your tone and routines at home with these apps that They also include Yoga and sleep regulation. And when you're ready, come back.


Counting calories is essential in order to be fit and have a good physical appearance. But this management is complicated, especially for beginners in this fitness, so an option is to use an app that is dedicated to counting calories. This is what I dide MyfitnessPal Calorie Counter, an app focused on the aspect of nutrition with a database of two million entries that is updated daily and allows, at a glance, to see the calories of each food. We can even scan the product's barcode and search for it, in addition to creating recipes with a calorie calculator.


Download MyFitnessPal for Android

Download MyFitnessPal for iOS

Workout Trainer

A free App, with the Skimble app we have a complete personal trainer to get in shape, from exercises to lose weight to sculpt our abs or improve the condition for a race. A huge amount of outs workouts ’with instructions both in audio and video, the Workout Trainer exercise library is configurable and this allows us to perform our own routines, as well as share others made by the community. If you go to the Premium model you will have more exercises to lose weight, HD videos and no advertising.

Download Workout Trainer for Android

Download Workout Trainer for iOS

Pocket Yoga

If in the fitness session we have spent a little while giving cardio, with Pocket Yoga we will lower revolutions and look for a mix between tranquility, leisurely breathing and stretching, with hundreds of different poses, audio and video tutorials and the option to go at our own pace.

Download Pocket Yoga for Android

Download Pocket Yoga for iOS


Time to raise the intensity again, JEFIT is an ideal app for those more involved in intensive training and Bodybuilding It comes with a database of exercises with a huge amount of routines, depending on the part of the body we want to develop. The application allows you to plan, track progress, customize sessions and if we pay the Premium we will have more options.

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Ideal for exercise lovers, The Fitocracy app is a rarity that mixes overcoming, videogames and community social interaction. Here we not only choose an exercise routine and we do it as is, but depending on how we do it the app will rate us, it will make us level up as a videogame and also allows us to show it by stream so that other users see it live and we Give courage in real time to raise our esteem.

Download Fitocracy for Android

Download Fitocracy for iOS

Sleep as Android / Sleep Cycle

Training, exercises to lose weight or to be fit, and nutrition need a basic component in the subject such as rest. This application, just like the ones we see in the smartwatch or smartwrist, use the mobile sensors to monitor us while we sleep, and help us wake up at the most ideal time.

Download Sleep as Android for Android

Download Sleep Cycle for iOS


The will is an essential element when it comes to getting fit. But it is complicated, very complicated, especially for someone who has been wanting to lose weight for some time and does not succeed. Therefore a trick is to resort to the purest competitive spirit, and if it is also about betting money better, since there is an extra element.

That's what he does DietBet, an app that you propose play with her 5 dollars to which we lose an amount of kilos in a certain period of time. We have the fácil easy level ’with 4% of the weight in 4 weeks, and the difícil difficult level’ with 10% of the weight in 6 months. And all with a community of users with which to interact, daily statistics, monitors and even a 24/7 help desk.

Download DietBet for Android

Download DietBet for iOS

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