You can already have Google Go, super light and consume little data

by Kelvin
You can already have Google Go, super light and consume little data

Finally, Google makes the “Lite” version of your search engine available to everyone. Google Go is already available on Google Play, and promises data savings of up to 40 percent, among other attractions. It is an excellent option for devices that have space problems.

Designed for emerging markets, Google Go It exists since 2017, but very few countries had access to it and only from Android Go Edition devices. Its recent global release makes all benefits available to everyone. We already mentioned how the application will take care of your mobile data, but we do not mention how fast it can be.


With Google Go The searches you do will always be ultrafast, regardless of the type of connection you have. This app will never take into account your connectivity problems; even if you have less than 1 MB speed, it will always work perfectly.

This lightweight version of the Google search engine weighs only 7 MB, A huge difference with respect to the application we usually have on our mobile, which occupies about 200 MB of your storage space.

Faster searches and more with Google GO

Google Go

When you download this application, which will make your data last longer and give you more space, you will notice that its design resembles the main screen of your mobile. All your applications will have an access icon in the panel Google Go, so you can manage your entire device from there.

All search results you do are optimized. You can even do hashtag searches. Through the "Discover" option you can be informed of the events of your country and the rest of the world; All news will be grouped according to your interests.

In Google Go you can also use Google Lens, although in a more limited way, because it is a light version. You can only read and translate texts within images, offering two alternatives: text to text or text to voice. You should only point the image with your camera so that the app reads it aloud.

This ultra light application It can be installed on Android 5 devices (Lollipop) onwards. If you do not know the version of your Android, do not worry. Google Play will tell you if your mobile is compatible with Google Go

Side B of Google GO

As we inform you, from today Google GO is available on Google Play. With all the benefits that are announced about the application, it is understandable that you present over 100 billion downloads and almost 5 stars in the store. However, several users gave the light to this light version of the Google search engine.

Among the many comments made on Google Play about the application, the fact that it has somewhat invasive commercials. Another fact to keep in mind is that searches are not adapted to the user's profile, will be based on searches performed by third parties.

To summarize: users who gave a negative opinion agree that it is an “too basic” application, therefore unnecessary. The limitations it presents do not make it rival to the normal Google application.

Of course, if you have to put opinions on a scale, earn more positive aspects of Google Go than negative ones. In the same way it is important to also know the “Side B” of the application. One that you can find when you install it, as the version of the app varies depending on the device.

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