You can now buy the new compact Xiaomi printer with augmented reality on AliExpress

by Kelvin
You can now buy the new compact Xiaomi printer with augmented reality on AliExpress

A few days ago Xiaomi presented its new compact photo printer. A new gadget that takes a special attraction if we consider its functionality augmented reality which allows us to enjoy small videos of up to 15 seconds from our favorite photos.

Best of all, it is already possible to buy beyond the Chinese borders, starting at a price of 73 euros. For this you can access from this link that will take you to the AliExpress platform and thus get this new compact printer that does not use any ink or toner consumables thanks to its Zink technology.


Mijia Photo Printer AR, main features

With a compact size and made of high strength ABS plastic, the new Mijia Photo Printer AR It opens a world of possibilities and this new model allows us to generate photographs with augmented reality able to show us a video of up to 15 seconds duration.

As we can see under these lines, Mijia Photo Printer AR will be able to print a photo from a small video that we import, allowing later and through its application, that it takes movement through augmented reality (AR). A quite attractive way not only to immortalize those special moments that we have lived through a simple photograph, but also to have a small souvenir video.

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Best of all is your absence of consumables, because thanks to Zink technology we can print directly on the photographic paper without the need to change the traditional ink cartridges from time to time.

For its configuration and management it has WiFi connectivity, Allowing us to connect our smartphone and thus be able to send from it the photographs we want to print. Its operation is relatively simple since we only need to choose our favorite photograph and send it to the printer as if it were a conventional desktop printer.