You can now create your own filters to Instagram Stories

by Kelvin
You can now create your own filters to Instagram Stories

Filters Instagram They are one of the most interesting functions of the application and that allow us more options. Now, the Spark AR Studio tool allows anyone to create their own filter to Instagram Stories Until now, only a select few could use it, but anyone can use this tool.

More than one billion people worldwide, according to Instagram, have used filters based on augmented reality and created by the technology of Spark AR. Now, if you don't like puppy and kitten ears you can go one step further and create your own augmented reality filters and use them in the application. A public beta opening has been made so anyone can try to create their filters.


Create your own filters in Instagram

On the Spark AR page all the tools are offered for free so you can start experimenting and create your own filters to Instagram Stories It is not necessary to be an expert in the field to create them but it is possible that it costs you a bit to adapt to the editor since it is an advanced editor with all kinds of dynamic layers. But you will find many templates that you can use as a base to create your new fun and original filters.

Instagram has made the announcement of Spark AR for everyone and this will allow many designers to create their own filters to Instagram Stories and the application become much more interesting and fun. We can acquire filters created by other people or create our own. Further, Facebook It offers a page (which you can consult in this link) with all kinds of examples of masks created with Spark AR if you have no ideas or do not know where to start.

Spark Ar Studio

At the moment Spark AR will only be open for users of Instagram but it is possible that the tool arrive soon for other platformss and we can also use it to Facebook Stories or to upload stories to Messenger. If not, you can create the filters of Instagram, use them in your photos and download them from the application and then use it in other social networks, as a profile picture or for anything you want.

You can access Spark AR from Windows or from Mac to download the software. You can create new filters for videos and photos but it will be essential that you do it from a computer and not from the mobile phone, since it is a complex and advanced editor.

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